How to Protect Your Home & Valuables During a Hurricane Season

How to Protect Your Home & Valuables During a Hurricane Season

Hurricane season may be violent and unexpected, wreaking devastation on your house and valuables. While hurricanes may be quite devastating, the good news is that you usually have plenty of notifications before one strike.

You can take some initial approaches like setting up impact glass doors, windows, or hurricane shutters.

Here are some practical methods to improve your home security throughout hurricane season, even if you have to flee.

Approaches to Shield Your Home and Valuables during Hurricane Season

  • Setting Up Impact Glass Doors

It’s no mystery that we in Florida are frequently subjected to Mother Nature’s vengeance. When a storm is approaching, making last-minute decisions can put you in danger.

Placing impact glass doors provides a permanent answer to the ever-present problem of severe weather by arming your home with a long-lasting, attractive, and robust defense.

Impact-resistant glass doors are also useful for keeping you safe during high winds or storms. They can also prevent undesirable intruders from accessing your house.

The last advantage of having impact-resistant glass or doors is that they protect you from dangerous UV radiation.

  • Install Impact Windows

Following the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, several construction regulations were altered to improve dwellings’ ability to survive hurricanes and other strong storms.

A new law enacted in 2002 mandated that buildings in hurricane-prone areas be designed to withstand 150 mph winds by having impact-resistant doors and windows.

When building a new house in Florida, your windows must comply with certain standards. You can install durable impact windows to enhance security from the hurricane.

  • Place sandbags around your entryways

In the days proceeding up the storm, your local municipality should have sandbag stations set up.

Fill your sandbags and place them around any entrance doors to your home. Because doors are only a few inches above the ground, they are likely to be the initial entry point for water during heavy rain. In many situations, sandbags will be useful at keeping rainwater out.

Any rainwater kept out of your home is storm water that cannot damage your things. Therefore sandbags are highly worth keeping at your doors during a hurricane.

  • Do a home security checkup

While you might be contemplating preparing the inside of your home for high breezes and downpours, you ought to likewise watch out for the outside of your property. Trees, especially dead branches, ought to be pruned to try not to become rockets.

Accumulate any deck furniture, youngster’s toys, or whatever else that may fly through a window and cause harm during a tropical storm. Regarding tropical storm solid breezes, ensuring nothing is free in your yard is basic for you and your home’s security.

  • Scanning critical documents into a flash drive:

When your home is at risk of flooding, everything from your birth certificate to your insurance paperwork might be destroyed. Scan anything critical onto a flash drive and keep track of where that flash drive is in case you need to escape.

  • Place your valuables in a safe:

So here are a few things to consider placing in a safe, whether it’s a portable safe or a home-proofed safe:

  • Gold Jewelries.
  • Medications.
  • Scanned critical papers on a flash drive
  • Small electronic gadgets.
  • Your passport.
  • Organize your storm evacuation plans ahead of time:

It may be required to evacuate your home in the event of a powerful storm or if you live in a low-lying coastal location. If you prepare a checklist, you will be more likely to recall all of your key stuff later on when you may be too stressed to think properly.

If possible, transfer valuables to higher ground:

This includes relocating your television, laptops, and other high-value things to the second story or even the attic.

Bottom Line

Having a strategy before the storm will save you time and money when it comes to hurricane safety. You can place impact glass doors or windows at your home as the first security step. Then you can follow the other steps.

Taking these easy procedures will guarantee that you have the best chance of preventing your assets from being destroyed during a hurricane.

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