4 Types of Durable Impact Glass Windows Review

4 Types of Durable Impact Glass Windows Review

As hurricane season approaches, now is an excellent time for homeowners in coastal areas to consider assessing the security and protection provided by their windows. What should you do about this?

If your windows are old, worn out, or even cracked, your home may be vulnerable to harm. The impact glass windows fight against the breeze, downpour, and unwanted debris.

Be that as it may, these windows accomplish something beyond shield your home from disaster. They additionally further develop protection, lessen clamor contamination, and even assist you with getting a good deal on vitality bills.

We Oasis Hurricane Shutters company provided the best quality impact windows. We know what type of windows are the best. Today we will share our experience on this topic.

What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows feature a heavy-duty frame as well as impact-resistant laminated glass with an innovative low-emissivity coating. They are built to withstand heavy winds and object impact, making them significantly less likely to shatter even from direct impacts. It is critical to enduring impact, as a smashed window is the last thing you want during a storm.

There are other varieties of impact windows, which we shall describe later in this article, but the primary distinctions are in style, size, substance, and degree of protection. Several standard tests are used to measure the level of impact resistance they give.

Types of Impact Windows

  • Single/Double Hung Impact Windows

Impact windows, both single and double-hung, are among the most popular options on the market.

Single and double-hung windows are also among the most adaptable and design-friendly solutions available. They are available in various colors, allowing a homeowner to match the intended aesthetic of their home altogether.

The true genius of these windows is their simplicity; they are simple, attractive, and easy to incorporate into any design.

  • Casement Impact Windows

This is perfect for a homeowner since it allows them to open the window partially or completely.

Opening the window provides some fresh air into the house while keeping debris and yard clippings out. In the meantime, completely opening the window allows for optimal ventilation.

Casement windows are also recognized for their security, as they have strong locks and frames. They are particularly resistant to severe weather, therefore using impact glass in a Casement window adds an added layer of protection.

Casement windows, however, are also totally design-friendly and may be combined, matched, and tailored to a homeowner’s palette.

  • Picture Impact Windows

Picture windows are big pieces of stationary glass that remain in place and do not open, close, or slide. Picture windows are so-called because of their capacity to optimize natural light while also providing a lovely perspective.

Most are custom fashioned and then fitted to meet the unique parameters of a project, allowing the homeowner to express their individuality and flair. The fact that picture windows are large pieces of glass simplifies and expedites the cleaning process.

Picture windows are frequently used within a Bay or Bow window, but they can also be used alone in any room where you want to let some light in.

  • Sliding Impact Windows

Sliding impact windows are similar to Double-Hung impact windows, except that they are flipped on their side.

These windows are great for homes with low ceilings since they open and close with no internal space required. Effective glass in a Sliding window conveys the tasteful allure of an unadulterated Slider without the concern of the window breaking for a mortgage holder.

This allows you to create a clean, modern style even if you reside in a windy or rainy environment.

  • SoftLite’s Impact Windows

SoftLite’s Impact Windows are also fully equipped with the following features:

  • Laminated glass with three panes.
  • Attachment points are reinforced with stainless steel.
  • There are two heavy-duty cam sweep locks.
  • Energy efficient.
  • To help decrease air intrusion, an insulated foam coat is wrapped around the frame.


The numerous long-term benefits of installing impact windows are well worth the expense. They are more than just a seasonal item, and they may make life easier and safer. You can contact Oasis Hurricane Shutters for more information regarding impact glass windows.

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