Are Impact Windows and Impact Glass Doors Energy Efficient?

Are Impact Windows and Impact Glass Doors Energy Efficient?

Can impact windows & impact glass doors help me save energy in my home? This is a typical question among South Florida homeowners. The answer is, of course, YES!

Although one of the primary reasons people install impact glass doors and windows is to protect their houses from severe storms, protection from strong winds and elements isn’t the only advantage that these windows provide.

Impact windows and doors may also save you money on your heating and cooling expenses by making your house more energy efficient.

Let’s discover more on this!

How Do Impact Glass Doors and Windows Help You Save Money?

More Americans are concerned about energy efficiency more than ever before. The overarching goal is to reduce energy expenses while also helping to reduce the carbon imprint.

The primary sources of energy escape, leading air conditioners and heaters to work overtime. This comprises windows and doors. A faulty or cracked seal wastes energy.

Energy-efficient windows for private houses and business buildings benefit both the properties and the people who live in them. 

These long-lasting materials serve to increase a home’s or building’s security against attackers while also protecting against the elements during intense storms and hurricanes.

How Energy Efficient Are Impact Windows and Doors?

In what ways are impact doors and windows more energy-efficient than previous models? Energy-efficient windows keep harmful UV rays from entering at a higher rate. They also allow fresh air to enter when the conditions are favorable.

There are techniques to repair aging windows, but your best bet is reinstalling modern units for increased energy efficiency. It is critical (particularly in South Florida) to keep the hot, humid summer air outdoors. And to keep the excellent air conditioning air inside.

Not only are energy-efficient windows and doors ideal for reducing temperature spikes, but they are also helpful in safeguarding your family or company from debris.

During a storm, flying debris may spread and damage conventional windows from the inside out. It is critical to secure your internal assets during hurricane season.

The Advantages of Energy-Efficient Windows

The advantages of energy-efficient windows are numerous. These windows are not only advantageous to the security of your belongings, but they are also visually beautiful. 

Impact windows include design features that will give updates and increase the value of your property. This will come in handy if (and when) you decide to sell. However, it is crucial to seek the advice of qualified specialists who will be able to install your windows correctly.

Who Should You Hire to Install Impact Windows and Doors?

It is preferable to hire an expert windows and impact glass doors installation provider to install your doors and windows unless you are a qualified professional. These technicians have received extensive training. 

And if windows are improperly placed, they will have the same (if not worse) effect as older windows with inadequate sealing.

In South Florida, glass windows and doors are not to be trifled with. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to choose a competent team to install your impact windows and doors. At Oasis Hurricane Shutters, we provide some excellent service. You can check our website for more information.

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