Are the Cost Factors of Impact Glass Windows Worth?

Are the Cost Factors of Impact Glass Windows Worth?

The options for installing or replacing windows in your house can be puzzling. It’s easy to go with the less expensive conventional option.

But if you live in South Florida, heavy-dusty impact glass windows and doors are almost always the superior choices.

In this blog, we Oasis Hurricane Shutters will discuss some cost factors of impact glass windows. Let’s continue!

Cost Factors of Impact Glass Windows

By now, you’ve probably heard about the “buzz” surrounding hurricane impact glass windows. It’s also no secret that their cost is a little greater than a standard residential window. In truth, price is the driving force behind purchasing decisions.

Impact windows may cost a bit more upfront, but aside from the assurance of your family’s safety, you will save money month after month in the long term.

So, don’t be fooled by the statistics on the surface! But, just in case they do, we’ll explain how impact windows are priced, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to have them placed in your home.

  • The size of the entrance:

The beam must be larger to support the same load over a longer span. Because of this, the average window cost will be higher in homes with high ceilings and large openings.

  • The type of window is the second driving factor:

The most expensive windows are fixed windows, casements, and awnings. This is because a single sheet of glass covers the entire window.

Each window in single hung and horizontal rollers has two or more panes of glass. As a result, the glass might be less robust while covering the same size opening.

Cost is influenced by functionality as well. Fixed windows are more expensive than casements and awnings.

Casement and awning windows have more moving parts and hardware despite their similar dimensions.

This is also true when comparing a single hanging to a double-hung. Because both sashes move, double-hung windows are more expensive.

  • Grids:

Due to the manual process necessary to produce the template and prep assembly, custom grid patterns – those that aren’t common options from the manufacturer – can significantly increase the cost.

  • Colors are the fourth driving factor:

Custom colors are generally highly expensive because of the delay required to prepare the assembly and send the order through the production process.

There is frequently a fixed cost that prevents any order of less than a few hundred pieces from being cost-effective. Custom colors may usually be produced at a low cost.

Bottom Line

Living in an area prone to strong hurricanes can be a stressful scenario during hurricane season. Nevertheless, there are countless features you can take to increase the chances of your home surviving a strong hurricane. Installing hurricane-resistant impact glass is a fantastic place to start.

Contact Oasis Hurricane Shutters to install impact glass windows in South Florida. We assure you the best quality impact glass for the windows, and it will surely help you protect the upcoming hurricane.

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