Can Hurricane Impact Glass Windows Break?

Can Hurricane Impact Glass Windows Break?

Florida is in the hurricane zone. During hurricane season, Floridians anxiously await the prediction. Crossing their fingers for a non-landfalling storm.

Many Florida houses switch to hurricane impact glass windows after experiencing a few Category 4-5 storms, notably Hurricane Katrina.

South Florida loves tropical hurricane windows. They can endure hurricane winds and debris. Hurricane winds may toss tree branches and other debris like feathers, occasionally hitting your windows.

Will your hurricane impact windows survive after a hurricane? Many Florida homeowners have these questions. Let’s find the answer!

Can Hurricane-Resistant Impact Glass Windows Crack?

Yes, Impact glass windows can crack. It’s a fact of life that glass breaks. There’s also the fact that the glass in impact windows is fragile. As a result, they are only resistant to impact but not impenetrable.

As a result, impact glass has become the standard for windshields on vehicles such as trucks and buses and, more recently, for windows. As with automobile windshields, they may shatter if hit hard enough.

How Are Impact Glass Windows Made?

There are three distinct levels in the construction of Florida Hurricane Impact windows. The polyvinyl butyral (PVD) component fills the space between the two glass layers. Then the three components are laminated or heat-treated.

The glass that has been cooled or cured is sturdy and durable. Because of its incredible strength, the glass can endure continuous winds of up to 200 mph and direct impacts from wood, stones and other foreign objects.

It has been shown that the majority of damage to buildings is caused by other sections of the structure breaking, such as doors and roofs, rather than impact windows collapsing. A direct consequence of years of research and development, Florida Impact Windows has been known for its superior performance.

What Happens If Your Impact Window Breaks?

High wind speeds and debris have been shown to cause impact glass to shatter under the correct conditions. Breakage of the impact glass is a problem. The PVD polymer inside the glass prevents it from breaking in the same way as regular windows. 

For example, an impact window that has shattered can still protect you since the glass will stay in place. Since hurricane windows are a great choice in South Florida, not just for storm protection but also to deter break-ins, they are an outstanding investment.

Can Broken Impact Windows Be Repaired?

Storm-damaged impact windows are easy to replace. Our hurricane window replacement and repair technicians are skilled in Florida Impact windows and doors.

Oasis hurricane shutter provides the greatest impact windows. Certified window specialists will examine your property’s damage and give a FREE price for replacement.

Our expert installers will replace the shattered glass with new glass. Our impact windows are well-made. They’re modular, so you frequently need to change the glass (depending on the level of damage).

Bottom Line

Oasis hurricane shutters are the best option if you need to repair a broken window or upgrade your current windows to hurricane impact glass windows. Only the best impact windows are available in our collection.

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