Crucial Factors You Need To Know About Hurricane Shutters

Crucial Factors You Need To Know About Hurricane Shutters

Having to cope with tropical storms, hurricanes, and other unpredictable weather is a fact of life in South Florida. It’s also a good idea to have some hurricane protection in place for your windows, doors, lanais, and even the interior of your home.

Safeguarding your residence from storms or hurricane is manageable with hurricane shutters. There are many choices for shutters for every home and budget because there are many different types of shutters. However, storm shutters continue to be a source of confusion for most residents in South Florida.

Many people in South Florida have concerns about hurricane shutters, including installing, operating, and maintaining them. Oasis Hurricane Shutters come with some crucial factors of hurricane shutters! Let’s learn more!

Factors About Hurricane Shutters

  • How Come Hurricane  Shutters Are So Popular?

In the event of an impact, hurricane shutters are the best option. They can be referred to as storm shutters, impact shutters, or any number of other names.

Impact resistance and hurricane ratings are included in the engineering and construction of storm shutters. They have been tested to survive a cyclone of category 5.

The primary purpose of these devices is to defend your property against flying debris and other threats. They shield your home’s windows, doors, and lanais, among other things.

A wide variety of hurricane shutters are available. After that, we’ll go over the various kinds.

  • Hurricane Shutters Come In Many Designs

Hurricane shutters are often associated with corrugated aluminum storm panels. But there are many more storm shutter options than just hurricane panels.

Examples of hurricane shutters:

  • Accordion-style hurricane shutters can be opened and shut like accordion fins.
  • Bermuda shutters add Caribbean flair, shade, and storm protection.
  • Clamshell shutters are vertically opening metal awnings.
  • Colonial shutters are stylish and functional. They look like shutters but are impact-resistant. When a storm threatens, you may quickly close them.
  • Fabric hurricane shutters are constructed of durable Dupont Kevlar fabric.
  • Roll down shutters roll up and down. They work well as storm and security shutters.
  • Aluminum, steel, or plastic corrugated storm panels Each storm requires hand installation and removal.
  • How Do Hurricane Shutters Function?

Hurricane shutters safeguard your house or company from damage. They protect windows, doors, lanais, and more.

Impact-resistant, they prevent flying items and debris from harming your home’s apertures. This protects windows, doors, screens, etc. It will help keep water out of your home.

  • When Do Hurricane Shutters Work?

Inspect storm shutters before installing them. The NHC is the go-to source. To protect your home during a hurricane or tropical storm, you should install hurricane shutters.

This is crucial if you have panels. Installing panels might take 2-3 days and some effort. Give yourself enough time. If you’ve never installed hurricane panels before, follow our step-by-step instructions.

  • Plywood Is Not A Long-term Storm Protection Solution

Some people board up windows and doors with plywood instead of storm shutters. Plywood should only be used if you have no other choice and require protection quickly. But plywood isn’t a long-term option.

Your plywood hasn’t been tested for hurricane-force winds or flying debris. The same goes for old, squishy, rotting, worn, or damaged plywood.

Drilling holes in plywood for nails or bolts causes further damage. They are making the plywood increasingly weaker High winds can also dislodge or break wood sheets from their fasteners. This exposes your glass and home.

Storm shutters are meant to resist hurricanes up to category 5. Aluminum hurricane shutters are sturdy and lightweight.

Final Verdict

Hurricane shutters can survive everything a hurricane throws at them. You, your family, and your property’s safety are in the hand of these shutters. So don’t be late! Before the next hurricane season, install it on your house.

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