Different Types of Hurricane Shutters & Their Cost-Effectiveness

Different Types of Hurricane Shutters & Their Cost-Effectiveness

Hurricane shutters are the most convenient and economical solution for protecting your home from high winds, flying debris and rain during a hurricane.

The bottom part of the shutter has rubber inserts that create a watertight seal with the window opening that helps protect against rain when closed.

The shutters’ top parts are either aluminum slats or vinyl louver, which can adjust for proper ventilation or security. Shutter installation is relatively easy and quick. So it’s something you can do yourself.

Today Oasis Hurricane Shutters will discuss different types of hurricane shutters and their cost-effectiveness.

Hurricane Shutter’s Cost & Their Protection Options

Storm Panels:

Storm panel shutters are a vital thing when a hurricane is threatening. When not needed, but these shutters in your garage or attic.

Though you can buy these hurricane shutters at big-box retailers, it’s best to acquire them from a specialist and install them properly. These panels take less time and cost less to install than permanent Hurricane shutters.

These low-cost aluminum hurricane panels require a steel channel fastened to the exterior of each window.

Storm panels cost $7-$15 per panel and are the cheapest hurricane shutters. Permanent shutters offer better storm protection and impact resistance.

Rolling Shutters:

Roll-down, roll-up, or rolling shutters perform the same purpose. Rolling shutters are more costly and permanent than storm panels—usually aluminum or polycarbonate.

There are rails on either side of the window for the electric shutters to move on. When open, they’re attached to the window’s bottom. The most challenging and effective roll-down storm shutters cost $20-$30 per square foot window.

Large home improvement companies like Home Depot sell roller shutters. A bespoke window coverings specialist must fit this sort of shutter for insurance.

Accordion Shutters:

Accordion shutters are another permanent window covering. These hinged panels are kept in a metal box affixed to your window.

Accordion shutters are usually constructed of metal or polycarbonate and may be expanded and fixed to the window. Accordion hurricane shutters cost $15-$25 per window square foot, cheaper than rolling models.

Colonial Shutters:

Colonial hurricane shutters are permanently attached, like decorative shutters. Single, bi-fold, or tri-fold colonial shutters are common.

Homeowners should get them from a business that specializes in them. This may include some labor charges, but the shutters will be of higher quality and will function correctly when needed. $200-$500 per window for colonial shutters.

Final Verdict

Today’s hurricane shutters are as varied as the residences that need them. You determine what window shutters to use, from temporary to permanent.

Big-box retailers sell the aforementioned shutters at affordable costs. Often, saving money means sacrificing quality and installation, leaving you susceptible during a storm. Trustworthy companies that do Interior Shutter Installation are preferable.

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