Fabric Storm Panels For Hurricane Protection: Is It Worth It?

Fabric Storm Panels For Hurricane Protection: Is It Worth It?

Windows and entryways ought to be barricaded with 5/8″ compressed wood or covered with approved storm panels to diminish harm to your home during a storm.

It is not always prudent to take the time to board up your home when a storm is coming, and evacuation is near. This is when fabric storm panels come in handy.

Fabric storm panels, also known as wind abatement screens, are promoted as a cost-effective alternative to standard plywood or shutters.

About Fabric Storm Panels

Fabric storm panels, also characterized as weather mitigation panels are being promoted as a viable replacement to traditional plywood or shutters.

They are made out of a robust, lightweight layer of woven cloth that has been covered with a geo-synthetic PVC substance. This strengthened material is then utilized to cover windows and doors, acting as a shield against flying missiles and wind-blown rain.

You may find it difficult to believe that fabric can provide adequate protection against storm debris traveling at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

Still, coverings are available that meet or exceed state building codes in Florida and Texas, as well as ASTM International hurricane protection standards.

What’s Available in the Market?

There are a variety of fabric storm panel systems available, including:


The most straightforward to install for the do-it-yourselfer. Grommets secure the material to your windows or doors. Panels are simple to erect, detach, and roll up for storage.

Rolling Screen: 

A permanently mounted device above your windows or doors may be lowered at any time, either manually or with an electric motor. Panels slide onto brackets that are attached to your home.

Straps and buckles: 

These are sewed into the screen and fit around eye hooks or are fastened to columns. Allow for a quick departure in the event of an emergency.

Importance of Fabric Storm Panel

  • They have a transparent appearance:

Fabric-Shield Storm Panels are transparent, allowing natural light to enter the home before and after a storm. Compared to steel or aluminum, they are a lot more natural alternative that isn’t as intimidating to look at.

  • They’re constructed of PVC-coated lightweight fabric:

The use of coated fabric makes these lightweight panels while also increasing durability and simplicity of use.

  • They are readily stored:

These panels may be rolled up, placed flat, or hung vertically to be stored, keeping them out of sight and mind until they are needed.

  • You may make panels that are custom-sized to match your home:

Fabric Shield Storm Panels may be custom-sized to fit any window or door opening in your house.

  • They are simple to put together:

These storm panels are particularly clear to set up and bring down because of their texture weave, simplifying them to introduce regardless of whether you have a lot of time.


In the case of a hurricane, fabric storm panels can shield your property from flying debris. They are lightweight, simple to install and let light enter your home during a storm.

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