How Hurricane can affect your Home

How Hurricane can affect your Home

One of the biggest assets is your house and you should ensure that your property is completely safe. It is difficult to maintain a sturdy home from unexpected events, such as natural disasters. If you live in an area, where hurricanes are common then it becomes all the more difficult because hurricanes are extremely destructive. If you are not prepared for the storms then your home can get seriously damaged during the natural disaster, leaving you with expensive repairs.

When hurricanes hit the region, the residential and commercial structures bear the brunt of its force. The homes can be ripped apart by the powerful winds because of the storm. Even surge in the sea because of the hurricane can cause catastrophic damages. The inland flooding can make the structure of your home to collapse because of hydrodynamic forces, which is caused by moving water. When the waves are present and they strike a building, the oscillatory currents can generate strong wave loads. This can demolish the walls or foundation of your home and the continuous waves can destroy any structure that is not designed to withstand so much of force. Even if there are no waves or currents, flooding is enough for a building or your home to collapse.

Over the years, the study of impact due to hurricane activity has seen major progress.

During a hurricane, the velocity of winds is very high. The winds can break the glass windows and door and can enter your homes, damaging the valuables. If the home is properly designed and constructed, the damages due to stormy winds can be reduced or can even be eliminated. Over the years, the study of impact due to hurricanes has seen major progress. Now, the engineers and scientists understand in a better manner how the buildings collapse due to the force of hurricane winds. This has allowed the policymakers to amend new building codes, due to which stronger buildings are being constructed that can withstand high-velocity winds.

The problem of flooding has also been addressed in the building codes. It requires you to build the structure above the projected level of flood. The entire home should be built with impact-resistant materials. If you don’t want the hurricane winds to enter your homes, you must install hurricane shutters. During the storm, the shutters will block the devastating winds and protect the entire structure of your home.

Homeowners, who are at the risk of potential natural disasters, should make the decisions quickly. They should take preventive measures to protect their properties in the event of a hurricane. Every year the storms and hurricanes wreak havoc in the US and extensively damage the properties. It wipes away the livelihoods of people and it might take many years for the things to become normal. So, if you are a homeowner and are living in a risk-prone area, you should definitely use impact-resistant materials at your home. It will not only protect the structure of your home but it will also protect you and your family in the event of a thunderstorm or hurricane.

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