How Much Will New Impact Glass Doors Cost?

How Much Will New Impact Glass Doors Cost?

In the case of an impact glass door update to your house or business, a comprehensive awareness of the possible pricing range and cost variables is essential.

If you’re looking for a standard impact glass door installation, here’s a general estimate of how much you may anticipate paying in terms of cost.

Cost of Impact Glass Doors


As a starting point, the cost of impact doors is heavily dependent on how much it costs to build the doors. The impact-resistant glass accounts for a significant portion of the total cost of any set of impact doors:

Materials for a 60×80 sliding glass patio door with an aluminum frame can go up to $2,000 because so much of the installation is impact-resistant glass.

French doors and impact-resistant entrance doors, two other popular impact glass doors designs, may wind up costing less in the long run because of the reduction in glass required. Wood or metal components with appropriate finishes might, however, raise the price of these designs.

Materials might cost as little as $1,000 or as much more than the $2,000 baseline, depending on local price factors and the additional materials needed.

  • LABOR:

Labor may be the most expensive part of your overall price, depending on the details of your installation. You should expect to pay $75-500 per door if you install impact doors without the necessary material components that make the impact of the door resistant in most circumstances.

Costs can rise dramatically when doors are designed more intricately or installed in tough conditions. Costs will rise if an architect is engaged or if specific skills or certificates are required.


Why are difficulties called complications? Because they’re difficult to predict in advance. This group includes things like unattractive architecture, the discovery of underlying difficulties, and weather delays.

A modest door installation might turn into a big renovation of a piece of your home if complications arise, or it could go off without a hitch and save you a few hours of work and a few dollars in materials.


If you’re under a time crunch and local contractors are already booked, labor rates may rise. You must be patient to receive the greatest price on your impact door installation.

This is especially true when you’re competing against every other property owner for the installation of impact-resistant doors and windows ahead of a hurricane or other severe weather event.


What kind of support do you need when it comes to impact doors?

To ensure the long-term viability of your doors, you may choose to purchase extra warranties, warrantees, or insurance, which can dramatically increase the cost of your doors.

The installer, the manufacturer, your insurance, and others all have a role in determining these prices.

Bottom Line

With no bespoke orders or pricey material options, installing an impact glass door in a popular style will fall between $2400 and $3,000.

Complicated orders, labor shortages, and special requests can all drive up these totals. You may get more information on impact doors and windows by contacting Oasis Hurricane Shutters.

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