Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters

The weather in Florida remains humid and is often hit by hurricanes. The residents of Florida take several measures to protect them and their property against the hurricane destruction. Some of these measures include trimming tree limbs, boarding windows, stocking pantries, and fueling generators. Advancement in technology has allowed manufacturers to introduce an efficient and effective approach to keep their house safe during the hurricane season. Nowadays, property owners can get durable hurricane shutters that help minimize hurricane damage.

The entry point of home (i.e. doors and windows) is more vulnerable when a hurricane hit. It means you can keep your property intact by using hurricane shutters on your doors and windows. By protecting these entry points, one can overcome the negative consequences of the hurricane. Besides protecting the property, you can also protect your family and belongings. Once a door or window breaks, your roof is likely to tear apart because of pressurized winds coming inside the house. When this happens, you may need roof repair. The concept behind introducing hurricane shutters is to prevent the primary entry break by guarding those barriers from wind-borne debris and high-speed winds, thus minimizing the potential hurricane damage.

Benefits of installing hurricane shutters

  • They are made with an aluminum frame or solid steel and are capable of withstanding storms and hurricanes
  • They can guard your windows, storefront, or balcony against bad weather
  • They are less costly as compared to traditional decorative shutters
  • In areas where hurricanes are common, hurricane shutters can help you save your money on potential repairs during severe weather conditions
  • They are designed in a manner that even a single individual can use them. It means if a hurricane is about to hit your area, then you can prepare your house quickly to reduce the chances of huge destruction. You will not require the help of other persons to shut down the hurricane shutters
  • Homeowners can have complete peace of mind even if a storm is blowing outside
  • They increase the value of your home as buyers prefer purchasing a house with proper measures for hurricanes
  • They not just guard your home against hurricanes but also beautify your home’s exterior

Hurricane shutters add a great value to your home and protect your family and property against hurricane destruction. Your valuables and family are worth protecting and hurricane shutters can prove to be the best solution. You will be glad to know that they are sold in various colors, styles, and materials. Some of the commonly used hurricane shutters include colonial hurricane shutters, Bahama hurricane shutters, roll up hurricane shutters, and accordion hurricane shutters.

You must consider the following things when purchasing hurricane shutters.

  • Evaluate your budget and cost of shutters
  • Does your home need protection against hurricane and which spots of your house are more vulnerable
  • Analyze the local building codes
  • Which style of hurricane shutters will compliment your house, especially if they are going to stay up throughout the year

Oasis Shutters has introduced a new line of hurricane shutters that are not just impact-rated but also beautiful. No matter whether you buy from our classic or architectural collection, you will get fully functional and finest operable shutters. If you have any queries about hurricane shutters, then feel free to contact us on 305-558-5000.

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