Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters

Living in a storm region can be an amazing experience, as you can enjoy favorable weather and warm climate most of the months. But what about the deadly hurricane season? Of course, you will be more prone to high-speed winds and hurricanes if you are living in a storm region. And you are likely to face a destructive situation if you fail to take precautionary measures. The speedy winds can break your glass doors and windows and the shattered glass pieces can be really harmful to the residents. But nothing to worry as you can protect your property and residents from the damaging hurricane winds.

Hurricane shutters act as a wall in front of your windows when there is an intense storm. A variety of hurricane shutters are available in the market that can best suit any budget. For instance, you can either choose a high-tech type that has automatic roll-down shutters or you can go for simple storm panels to cover your windows. No matter what type of hurricane shutters you select, it is the best choice if you are residing in a zone that is prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, or high winds.

Besides protecting you, your family, and your property from destructive storms and hurricanes, hurricane shutters also increase the value of your real estate. So, there are high chances of getting a good price if you sell your property. Furthermore, hurricane shutters also decrease the insurance premiums of your business or home.

Types of hurricane shutters

1. Storm panel shutters

Storm panel shutters are made with aluminum, polycarbonate, or steel. Their price is budget-friendly as compared to other types of hurricane shutters. Storm panel shutters are only installed during the hurricane season, and thus take a longer time to set up and install. Furthermore, you need to uninstall the storm panels carefully when not in use. They are not just economical but also lightweight and are a great choice to protect your windows, porches, doors, and other susceptible structures.

2. Accordion shutters

These types of hurricane shutters are permanent and do not take much time to set up during the severe storms and damaging weather. They are manufactured with strong polycarbonate material or metal and are attached to both sides of a window.

3. Rolling shutters

As the name suggests, rolling shutters can be rolled upward or downward to protect your business or house. These can either be rolled automatically by touching a button or by hand. Rolling shutters are often made with high-quality steel or aluminum, and thus provides a strong barrier for high-speed winds and debris.

4. Colonial shutters

Colonial shutters not only protect your property but also increase its curb appeal. These are permanent and are made from wood, aluminum, or polycarbonate. You can customize these shutters in any size and color.

Hurricane shutters can be bought online from Oasis Shutters. Customers can also get custom hurricane shutters to fit their specific window or door frames. So, it is highly recommended to order them before the hurricane season to have adequate time for installation.

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