Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters

South Florida is a region where you can expect a storm or hurricane anytime. This region is like a magnet to hurricanes and every year, hundreds of hurricanes hit South Florida. Here the hurricanes and tropical storms come with winds approximately 140 miles per hour. Such faster winds can cause a lot of damage to your belongings if you have not installed hurricane shutters. You cannot avoid a hurricane if you are a resident of South Florida that is why it is essential to take preventive measures. Getting prepared for these storms and hurricanes is not an extravagance, rather it is a necessity that’s where Oasis Shutters comes in.

For the past many years, our company has been providing protection against hurricanes and storms. Our hurricane shutters serve as barrier and shield to faster winds and don’t let them come in. These shutters also protect you against vandalism. Without hurricane shutters on your house, building, or office, wind storms can create huge pressure and rip off your roof, destroying the belongings, and injuring individuals inside the home or office.

Good hurricane shutters are the best protection against costly disaster. Both residential and commercial building owners must take preventive measure in the form of shutters, otherwise, they might face a damage. You need a sturdy barrier to protect you and your belongings against faster winds and Oasis Shutters create this barrier. Our hurricane shutters are ideal against storms for both residential and commercial properties. We try our best to offer high-quality and reliable products as we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Each of our shutters is durable as well as affordable. We test our products before launching them in the market and give priority to Miami-Dade Code Standard and Florida Building Code.

Why choose us?

No doubt, you can find hundreds of hurricane shutters providers in South Florida and it will be a tough decision to choose the best one among them. Oasis Shutters has gained a leading position in the South Florida market and we have the following competitive advantages over competitors.

* Experience
With over 20 years of experience, our company has installed hurricane shutters for both commercial and residential properties. Our expert team inspects your property personally for a precise fit.

* Knowledge
With years of experience in the shutters industry, our company has complete knowledge of working with any sort of residential or commercial property.

* Tough
Our hurricane shutters are tough enough to withstand faster storms and hurricanes

* Warranty
Our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

* Selection
We have been offering the best hurricane shutters in South Florida. Our team will be glad to advise you and help you choose the right shutters for your home or office.

* Installation
We use stainless steel hardware to mount and install the shutters and to prevent rust.

* Team
We have a competent and professional team for your guidance, site inspection, and installation of hurricane shutters.

* Price
The prices of our shutters are a quite affordable and the maximum number of customers can afford them. We believe in setting a fair price to win the customer’s trust.

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