Impact Glass Door

Impact Glass Door

Impact glass door has the building standard in South Florida after the hurricane hit this area in 1992. Lots of buildings and houses were destroyed as a result of that hurricane. Moreover, hundreds of death also took place. Since then, South Florida Government has updated its building codes and declared them compulsory for all new buildings and homes. These new building codes aim to protect people and their belongings against storms and hurricanes. By installing these impact glass doors, one can ensure the security and safety of structures.

Impact glass doors are available in two forms. The conventional form includes a transparent film that is held by doors. Today, many advancements have been made and impact-resistant glass has improved to a greater extent. This type of glass is known as inner-membrane glass. It utilizes 2 glass panels compressed together and incorporates a clear polyvinyl butaryl film. This film holds together the glass if in case the glass shatters. So whenever the glass bursts, the impact brunt is used and the shock is taken by the glass. Ultimately, the glass breaks but the polyvinyl butaryl or thin film maintains the door structure. This avoids extracting out of air pressure during a hurricane/storm and can protect your house from structural damage.

Impact glass doors are most effective in safeguarding you and your belongings during storms or strong winds. Furthermore, they also restrict the entry of unwanted invaders. Another advantage of impact-resistant doors is that they keep you protected against dangerous UV rays as they work as a barrier. In this way, these type of doors keep the residents intact from damaging UV rays.
In addition, to protect you against storms and UV rays, impact glass doors also reduce outside noise. While living near a crowded intersection, it gets difficult to avoid outside noise. But with impact-resistant doors, you can decrease such noise from outside. Unlike hurricane shutters, you do not need to install a new impact door whenever a hurricane hit it. Simply install it once and benefit from it for several years.

Preventive measures are the best solution when you are living in an area that is prone to hurricanes and storms. No doubt, impact glass provides more benefits than an ordinary glass that is why it is considered an ideal material for doors and windows. By installing impact glass doors, you can keep you, your family, and your belongings protected against storms. This type of glass can withstand strong winds and hurricanes, so you can rely on it.

Oasis Hurricane Shutters takes pride in selling the best impact glass doors in and around South Florida. To ensure high-quality products and services, we have hired a dedicated and competent workforce. We never compromise over quality because we give priority to customer satisfaction. We are well aware of the needs of Floridians that’s why we provide the best products to both residential and commercial building owners. Our aim is to provide complete peace of mind to customers that’s why we offer quality products.

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