Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Let’s face reality. We don’t give much importance to doors, and just consider them as a way to enter or leave the home. But the truth is that the right door can add value to your property. Furthermore, it also provides safety to you and your family because of its locking feature. Impact glass doors are rapidly growing as a home enhancement, and they are often installed along with impact windows. The most obvious benefit of installing impact doors is their durability during the severe weather. This type of door uses two thick layers of glass panes that are bound together through polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Both EVA and PVB formulate a spider-web pattern when broken under intense pressure rather than causing a shattering effect. In this way, your interior property remains protected and prevents the entry of projectiles inside your house so that your belongings may not damage during severe weather.

Benefits of Impact Glass Doors

Impact doors were designed with a specific purpose i.e. to defend the property from adverse effects of harsh weather. It is a good option to install storm-proof doors, especially if you are living in South Florida that is often hit by hurricanes. Here it is important to state that metal bars or plywood covers cannot provide the same level of benefits as that of an impact glass door. Besides protecting your property from severe weather conditions, impact doors also offer several other benefits. Let’s highlight some of these benefits.

Energy savings

Saving money on utility bills is your top priority when you opt for a home renovation project. Impact glass doors can pay back during their lifespan. The insulation of impact doors is approximately 6 times greater than wooden doors. In this way, your utility bills can get lower and you will save your money.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction is another advantage of installing impact glass doors in your home. Noise from the outside sources can be decreased to a greater extent if your door is made with impact glass. It’s because impact doors are made with impact-resistant glass that works as a shock absorber between your house and the exterior world. This door can be a blessing for you if you are residing nearby a loud neighborhood or a busy highway.

Ultraviolet rays protection

While living in South Florida, you often remain worried about deadly ultraviolet rays. But nothing to worry anymore as impact glass doors can protect you from UV rays. These rays are also harmful to your home interiors, such as flooring, drapes, and furniture. So by installing impact doors, you can also guard your home belongings.

Insurance reduction

Want to save your money on property insurance? If ‘yes’, then the impact door is the right choice for you. Most of the insurance companies consider impact glass doors as a trustworthy protection system and thus offer discounts on insurance. So, an investment in impact-resistant doors not just guards your property against severe weather, but also saves you money.

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