Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Residents of South Florida can enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year. They can also enjoy rainy days from May to October. Besides the diverse weather, storms also pass through this region that can cause huge destruction if care is not taken. South Florida is often hit by high-speed storms and hurricanes that possess a threat to the life and belongings of inhabitants. Under such adverse weather conditions, it is highly recommended to take precautionary measures to overcome the negative consequences of hurricanes and storms. Impact glass doors and windows have gained much popularity in the past few years because of their ability to withstand high-speed winds and storms.

It is important to install impact glass doors in your home or workplace if you are a resident of South Florida.

Majority of the real estate owners prefer using impact glass doors in their homes to protect them, their family and belongings from storm destruction. These doors have become a standard when any house or building is built in and around South Florida. In 1992, a hurricane hit this region and destroyed several buildings. As a result, hundreds of individuals lost their lives, so the South Florida Government updated its building codes. These codes made it compulsory for all new offices and homes to be constructed with wind and hurricane resistant materials. Here the impact-resistant doors, roofs like victorian conservatory style, and windows have provided several benefits to real estate owners.

It is important to install impact glass doors in your home or workplace if you are a resident of South Florida.These doors not just resist storm and hurricanes but also reduce noise pollution and prevent the entrance of harmful UV light. Furthermore, the burglars will afraid of entering a home whose doors are made with impact glass. Its because these doors are made with two glass panels and have a clear polyvinyl butaryl film. The PVB film holds together the glass so that it doesn’t shatter if hit by a burglar.

Impact glass door is the best way to protect your family as well as investment. Inclement weather and hurricane winds are common in the Florida State and can cause destruction. But nothing to worry as impact glass doors can be a good option. These doors have earned a good reputation all around Florida State, so you can depend on them. These are available in several new designs and you can choose them according to your home architecture and structure. These designs will match your style and meet your taste besides providing protection against bad weather conditions. Here at Oasis Shutters, you can get impact glass doors in various designs. Plus, you can also request custom designs depending on your real estate structure.

Each of our impact glass doors is designed with proprietary technologies to make them effective. Unlike normal glass doors, our impact glass doors have the ability to withstand high-speed winds that can otherwise enter the home and harm you and your belongings. Florida State Government has also realized the importance of impact glass and has amended its remodeling laws accordingly. People living in the coastal areas must install impact glass doors and windows to get them and their property away from hurricane or storm damage.

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