Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Let’s face a reality that we don’t consider our doors when opting for a home renovation project. Even we don’t think much about them as we simply open and close them when needed. Sometimes, we forget to lock our doors when going outside the home. But here it’s important to state that the right entry door can add a great value and appeal to your house. Moreover, it also provides security benefits to the residents. Impact glass doors are getting much fame among the homeowners because of their several benefits.

The impact glass has been used in windshields by the automobile industry since past many years. Keeping in view their numerous benefits, the doors and windows manufacturing companies have started using impact glass to benefit both residential and commercial building owners. Impact glass doors and windows have provided unique durability and performance in bad weather conditions.

Impact glass doors use 2 thick layers of large glass panes that are stick together with the help of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). These chemicals form a pattern that resembles a spider web when it gets crashed under severe wind pressure. So, there will be no glass shattering effect that can otherwise harm the residents and interiors. This also protects your home’s belongings from projectiles by preventing their entry inside your house and causing more damage during harsh weather.

Advantages of Impact Glass Doors

Impact glass doors are designed with a key function of protecting your residential or commercial property from harmful effects of violent weather. These doors will benefit you a lot if you are living in South Florida and your property is prone to storms and hurricanes. Impact doors not only protect your house, but also provide several ancillary benefits to the residents.

Roofing and windows are often the prime areas when taking preventive measures for dangerous storms and winds. Property owners forget about impact doors that can withstand up to 100 mph winds. For the South Florida residents who have been facing deadly storms during hurricane season since 1951, impact glass doors can withstand dangerous storms and wind-borne projectiles, so no need to worry about severe weather. Here at Oasis Shutters, impact glass doors are made with strong and tight aluminum, wooden, or vinyl frames to guarantee the best protection in harsh weather.

Including impact doors in your home renovation project will save your money on energy bills and you will keep getting this benefit during the entire life of your impact doors. Most of these doors include foam layers that can insulate up to 6 times better than wooden doors. Once you have installed impact glass doors, there’s no need to worry about the outside noise. It’s because impact doors are made with multiple glass layers that help reduce noise. So, living in a loud neighbor or busy highway is no more an issue.

Impact glass doors also protect against intruders as their frames are made with sturdy layers that prevent forced break-ins. So, you and your family can have a sound sleep because of the extra security from your impact doors.

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