Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Florida is a beautiful state that features beaches, wonderful weather and, sunshine throughout the year. But alongside the awesome weather, this state also experiences hurricanes and tropical storms. As a Florida homeowner, you must take necessary precautions to protect your home during the hurricane season. Here you can benefit from impact glass doors that provide the best protection against severe storms and hurricanes. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of installing impact glass doors for hurricane protection.

  • One-time installation

Once you have installed impact glass doors, you don’t need worry about anything else. For instance, hurricane shutters must be put on the doors and windows every time there is a hurricane. But that is not the case with impact glass doors, as they just require one-time installation.

No doubt, it can be troublesome to put up and put down the hurricane shutters each time there is a threat of a hurricane. But no need to worry if you have installed impact glass doors, as they need one-time installation and provide continuous safety against hurricanes.

  • Enhanced protection

You will be glad to know that impact glass doors provide enhanced protection to the home interiors. So, you don’t need to worry about your precious home belongings even if there is a severe storm or hurricane outside. It’s because impact doors contain many layers of glass that make smashing and entrance of wind-borne debris difficult. Besides protection against flying debris, impact glass doors also protect against burglars. It’s because burglars hesitate to enter a home that has installed impact doors.

  • Better energy efficiency

Summers in Florida are very hot which will inevitably raise your utility bills during the summer season. But with impact glass doors, you can improve the energy efficiency as these doors can decrease the sun heat gain during the summer and also retain heat inside your home during the cold weather. As a result, your utility bills are reduced to a greater extent and you can save money.

Impact Glass Doors have the ability to help protect your home as well as reduce your utility bills.

  • UV protection

UV (ultraviolet) rays are considered to be dangerous for both residence health and home interiors. These harmful rays can cause damage to paintings, fabric, artwork, and photographs. But if you have installed impact doors, there is no worry about the fading and discoloration of your home interiors even if there is continuous exposure to sunlight. Here in Florida, it’s very important to protect you and your property against the harmful UV rays as this state experiences direct sunlight throughout the year.

  • Discounts on insurance premiums

Several insurance companies recognize the effectiveness of impact glass doors for windstorms and hurricanes. These companies are well aware of the fact that impact doors provide protection against bad weather conditions like hurricanes and tropical storms that’s why they offer discounts on insurance premiums to all those homeowners who have installed impact glass doors in their house.

Homeowners in Florida can avail all these benefits by installing impact glass doors rather than ordinary glass doors. To get high-quality impact doors, you can trust Oasis Hurricane Shutters.

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