Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

The majority of the home owners don’t give much attention to the security and safety of their front door. They rarely use their front door if they have a garage. But that should not be the case as the front door provides the first line of protection against invasion from potential storm and burglars. Therefore, it’s very important to invest in your home’s front door to protect your property. It is mainly crucial in South Florida that is often hit by powerful storms and hurricanes, making it essential for homeowners to invest in their front door.

If you are interested in upgrading your home’s front door, then consider installing impact glass doors by Oasis Hurricane Shutters.

These types of doors are storm-resistant and also enhance the appearance of your house. Also, they safeguard your property against intruders and hurricanes. Let’s see how impact glass doors are better than traditional doors.

  • Protection against storms and hurricanes

This is one of the key benefits of installing impact glass doors. Florida is considered the best place for all those people who love enjoying the sun. But this state is also prone to hurricanes and tropical storms in comparison to other states. But nothing to worry as impact glass doors are specially engineered to resist heavy winds, rainfall, and impact from wind-borne debris without causing any damage. Even the doors can withstand up to 100mph winds. Impact glass doors are made with two impact-resistant glass layers that are partitioned by a thin PVB layer. This inner PVB layer helps adhere the broken outer glass if in case it gets damaged upon impact. Thus, the broken glass pieces will not enter the home.

  • Bye-bye intruders

Impact glass doors are strong enough and can greatly improve the security of a home, making it tough for intruders to break-in through your front door. It would not be easy for burglars to break the impact glass of your front door. Intruders will avoid attacking a home with impact glass door and you can have complete piece of mind.

  • Intense insulation

Impact glass doors are designed to provide comfort to home residents. These doors are often manufactured with insulated glass that provides superior insulation. Also, these doors have high-performing low-E coatings that decrease heat transfer to help maintain a comfy inside temperature throughout the year. Ultimately, reducing the energy bills.

  • Decreases noise

Another benefit of impact glass doors is that they help decrease noise transfer in your home if you are living on a crowded street or nearby a playground. So, you don’t need to worry about outside noise and can have a calm ambiance.

  • Block up dangerous UV rays

Installing impact glass doors can significantly decrease the number of harmful ultraviolet rays entering your house. Unlike ordinary glass, impact glass can block nearly 99% of UV rays. In this way, you and your family can remain protected from harmful UV rays that can cause several skin diseases. Also, these rays are damaging for your home furniture, paintings, rugs, carpets, and draperies.

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