Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Being Floridians, it is necessary to protect your property against harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes, storms, heavy rains, or windstorms. The installation of impact glass doors is one of the best ways to guard your home, business, condo, apartment, and other buildings. Here are a few reasons to install impact-resistant doors at your building.

       1- Protect your property

Impact glass doors are long-lasting.

Unlike other doors, impact-resistant doors provide better protection to your property. These doors are made to resist the impact of storms and hurricanes, protecting everything and everyone inside your property. These doors are manufactured with several glass layers and other synthetic materials for making shattering nearly impossible. Impact glass doors will prevent the entry of flying debris in your property during nasty hurricanes and storms. Furthermore, these doors will also prevent the entry of burglars as it will be difficult for them to break the impact glass.

       2- One-time installation

There will be no need to put hurricane shutters on your doors when you have installed impact glass doors at your property. You don’t need to spend your time and money on hurricane shutters. These impact doors are much powerful to guard your property all alone. Simply get them installed once and make your property protected for several upcoming years.

       3- No worry about noise pollution

Impact glass doors can also battle outside noise. Some outdoor noise often enters your property even if you are not living on a crowded street or highway. It’s because the noise from the garbage trucks, neighborhood children, flying planes, or something else can enter your property. Select reliable impact glass doors to get a beneficial barrier that greatly reduces outside noise, providing you complete peace of mind.

       4- Protection against dangerous ultraviolet rays

Homes in Florida are directly exposed to sunlight. The harmful UV rays of the sun enter inside the property through doors and windows and damage interiors like paint, fabrics, photos, and artwork. The installation of impact-resistant doors protects these interiors against discoloration and fading.

       5- Reduction in monthly utility bills

Floridian residents have to spend a lot of money on utility bills to keep their house cool. Select impact glass doors and reduce your spending on heating and air conditioning. Impact glass doors are designed in a manner that they keep the hot air outside the house during summers and thus requiring less air conditioning. Also, these doors will keep the hot air inside during winters.

       6- Discounts on insurance premium

The providers of home insurance are well informed of the fact that impact-resistant doors provide safety against bad weather conditions. Based on this protection benefit, some of those home insurers are ready to give discounts to all those Floridian homeowners who have installed impact glass doors. These doors guard your house all the time no matter whether its extreme weather condition outside.

Impact glass doors being sold at Oasis Hurricane Shutters are second-to-none. Just give us a call and get high-quality impact glass doors for your property.

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