Impact Glass Doors vs. Average Doors

Impact Glass Doors vs. Average Doors

Impact glass doors are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for “architect’s standard” front doors in the Southwest Florida region.

Why should we make this change? It would appear that there is nothing incorrect with the door that is currently installed.

That is presumably how things work when the conditions are normal. However, are you confident that your door will withstand the effect of the erratic weather that Southwest Florida is known for?

Continue reading as we break down various reasons why impact glass doors are the superior option.

What’s the Difference?

The standard front door has two steel skins and an insulating core. As an extra precaution, many front doors have a strong wood block installed where the handle and lock meet. Door frames are often made of wood or aluminum; however, wood is the more frequent material.

A higher level of safety may be warranted for persons who reside in locations prone to hurricanes and tropical storms (such as Southwest Florida), even though this building type is normally safe. Intense gusts that come with a hurricane can put a regular door to the test.

However, impact glass doors are constructed from materials that have been proven to endure even the harshest climates.

Shock doors have strong fiberglass skins reinforced with wood and composite materials and a polyurethane foam core to absorb the impact of a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Thanks to the reinforced hinges and frames, the door won’t budge under any circumstances.

What would Happen in a Hurricane if Your Door was Breached?

Broken doors, windows, or garage doors caused by a hurricane are disastrous.

Strong winds, rain, and extra debris can blow down walls, ruin belongings, and even cause the roof to come crashing down.

When compared to weather-resistant impact doors, standard doors appear weak. The opposite is true with impact doors, which are more beefier in construction.

Furthermore, polyurethane glass has patterns that are more complex than those seen in the conventional glass.

Therefore, if you care about the beauty and security of your home, now is the time to consider installing impact-resistant doors.

Does having an Impact Door Make your Residence Safer from Intruders?

Forced entry through a front or back door, or the destruction of ornamental glass on a door that is otherwise near enough to the handle to be opened easily, is the most common method of entry for burglars.

An impact door is built to withstand being hit by a car or another large object and will continue to function normally even after being hit repeatedly.

Doors with impact ratings have decorative glass insets manufactured of specialized glass that can withstand significant force without shattering.

Because of these advantages, impact doors are the finest option for protecting a home against storm damage and invaders.

Final Words

Is it time for you to replace your standard glass door with a stronger impact glass door?

Oasis Hurricane Shutters come in an almost limitless variety of colors and designs for impact glass doors. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible!

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