Impact Glass Doors

Impact Glass Doors

Miami is famous for being the sunshine state and its tropical weather conditions. The breezy weather is pleasant of course but storms are very common here. People of Miami, especially those who live by the shores make their home with stronger materials that can hold of the wild breezes during storms. In storms, your home must be is protected, and you are safe. Oasis Shutters, Inc. is a company which has been providing people with safer material, so their homes have long-lasting protection. Oasis Shutters, Inc. has been giving a variety of options to the homeowners in Florida to upgrade their homes with the latest up-gradation in the market. The company understands your need of a protected home that’s why we have added the very popular impact glass doors services. The impact glass doors can be installed in your home as a replacement to usual glass doors. Impact glass doors are also known as the hurricane-resistant or stormproof.

These impact glass doors are designed for those who live in the coastal areas. As for the formation of impact glass, it is made of impact-resistant glass in which a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is sandwiched. One of its most prominent features is its inner membrane. So, in case of the glass shatters, the broken glass will remain attached to the membrane within the door or window frame and won’t spread all over the place. Usually, a high-quality glass won’t hold the strong wind and will break eventually because of the immense pressure of wind inside and outside of the house. This is not safe and maybe the reason why impact glass doors exist in the first place. With these impact glass doors and windows, you don’t need the hurricane shutters during the storm.

Oasis Shutters, Inc. has been in business for more than 20 years now. We have been giving our services in all over Miami. We provide the best quality products for private homes and commercial buildings. We manufacture a good quality impact glass doors in different sizes and designs which could be suitable for your home décor and up-gradation. All of the services are a combination of great features like strength, protection, and durability. Our company provides free estimation services and installation services too. Our team will bring out the best staff to install your impact glass doors.

Although using impact glass doors instead of non-impact glass is an expensive deal but this is worth it. This has the following protective benefits which might change your mind about replacing conventional glass door into the impact glass door.

  1. Impact glass is manufactured with a polyvinyl membrane layer in them which makes it capable of enduring strong storm winds approximately up to 200 miles per hour.
  2. Impact glass doors have the high strength that prevents the glass from shattering into large sharp pieces and if it shatters, the broken glass will create a shape like a spider web in a door frame.
  3. These doors are energy efficient with minimum sound disturbance and UV protection due to its damping effect.
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