Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

Windows are among the weakest elements of a home or office’s structural integrity during the hurricane season. The windows of your office or home are prone to damage if a high-speed storm hits them. It means the wind-borne debris is likely to enter your real estate through windows during a storm. All of you will be well aware of the negative consequences of wind-borne debris if in case it enters your home or commercial office. It will not only destroy your belongings but can also harm the people inside the real estate. So, what to do under such a situation? Here the best solution is impact glass windows, which have gone through various missile tests and rigorous stress to ensure maximum protection against storms, wind-borne debris, and hurricanes.

Impact glass windows are specially designed to withstand flying wind-borne debris during a hurricane or storm. Thus, protecting a commercial space or house from devastating damage and wind infiltration. Studies have revealed that penetrating debris inside a building structure can cause damage to real estate as a result of its accumulated internal pressure. Only those windows can be classified as impact glass windows that fulfill the wind-borne debris or hurricane codes from an authorized governing body, such as Florida Building, Miami Dade County, and The International Building Code. So, make sure to look for the compliance of these codes when buying windows for your home, apartment, or commercial office.

The impact glass windows by Oasis Shutters have gone through several testing procedures to ensure their effectiveness against high-speed winds and hurricanes. These windows are of high quality as Oasis Shutters never compromise over the quality of their products. Their impact glass windows have met all the existing necessary codes of hurricane or debris, which are declared by the State of Florida. Besides protection against storms and winds-borne debris, impact glass windows also provide other benefits to all the real estate owners. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.

Benefits of impact glass windows

1. Protection from intruders

Intruders and burglars are likely to enter a home or an office through windows. They can easily break ordinary windows by a hammer or any other sturdy material. But with impact glass windows, intruders will hesitate to break the windows as these are made with strong glass layers that are difficult to break.

2. Noise reduction

Now, you don’t need to worry about noise pollution from your neighborhood as impact glass windows can help reduce noise and their entrance inside the home or office. These windows will act as noise absorbent so that you can have a peaceful ambiance.

3. UV rays protection

All of you will be well aware of the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun. You, your family, and your office colleagues can stay protected from UV rays if impact glass windows are installed in your home and office. The impact-resistant glass has the ability to reflect UV rays so that they do not penetrate your living or commercial space.

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