Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

Impact glass windows refer to the glass windows that are usually hurricane rated windows. They keep out the debris and dust during the hurricanes. The impact glass windows are installed in those areas where the beach is near and the area is prone to have hurricanes, heavy rain, high velocity wind, and even hail. In the USA, Florida is a kind of state where you could experience heavy storms, rain, and high-pressure wind. So here in this tropical state, you will need to have impact glass windows because of the weather conditions in Florida. It can be pleasant and stormy really quick. So, it is understandable that people here are concerned to build safe homes for their families. Most of the houses on the coastline are made with safer material so that it has long-lasting protection even when it is a heavy hurricane on the outside. For years it was only the simple quality glass to resist winds and rain, but it wasn’t enough. The glass of windows would break, and the wind would destroy anything in its way. But a few years back, impact glass windows were introduced, and it totally changed the game.

The impact glass windows can replace your old home windows easily and protect your home from hurricane debris and other things which is not possible with simple glass windows.

Impact glass windows are made of impact resistant glass in which a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is sandwiched. If the window glass shatters, the broken glass will remain attached to the inner membrane within the window frame. So even if the glass is broken, it won’t shatter all over. Instead, it will stay put and still try to stop the high-pressure wind from coming inside. Typically, a normal glass window won’t hold the high pressure wind and will eventually break. Once broken, it will get shatter around the window and strong wind may take the pieces far away that could be a serious danger for any living thing there. By installing impact glass windows and doors, you don’t need the hurricane shutters during the storm because they will serve the need so well.

There are plenty of benefits of using the impact glass windows and here we have listed a few.

  1. Using impact glass windows is an expensive deal, but this is worth it.
  2. Impact glass windows are manufactured with a polyvinyl membrane layer in their middle which makes it capable of withstanding storm winds up to 200 miles per hour approximately.
  3. These windows come with minimum sound disturbance and UV protection due to the damping effect.
  4. It has the high strength that prevents the glass from shattering into large sharp pieces and the broken glass will create a shape like a spider web.

Oasis Hurricane Shutters is a company located in Florida. We have been in business for making different sorts of impact windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings. We provide the best quality products for homes and offices that matches with the interior of the building. Also, we can manage all sizes and shapes. So, if you are looking for a contractor to change your windows, contact us.

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