Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

If you are living in South Florida, then hurricane-proofing your house should be your key priority. Each year, South Florida is hit by high-speed storms and hurricanes that can cause damage to both belongings and the residents. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take preventive measures to protect yourself, your family, and your property. For that, you can rely on impact glass windows by Oasis Hurricane Shutters. We offer the best impact glass windows that are made with a layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) that is sandwiched between glass panes to prevent shattering of windows when hit by storm debris. Storms and hurricanes may break the glass but the polyvinyl butyral layer will prevent the shattering of glass and keep the window intact. Here we are going to share a few benefits of installing impact glass windows.

       1- One-time installation

Impact glass windows are installed one-time and you don’t need to uninstall them once the hurricane season has passed.

Most of the people consider it irritated when they have to install and uninstall hurricane shutters. But with impact windows, you don’t need to worry about it. These windows offer constant protection from bad weather conditions.

       2- Improved energy-efficiency

Utility bills increase to a great extent, especially throughout the summer season. With impact windows, solar heat gain will be reduced in the summers and heat will be retained in your house in the winter. This will ultimately save your cost on utility bills.

       3- Improved protection

Impact glass windows provide 24/7 protection to your house, belongings, and family members during the hurricane season. You don’t need to worry about your precious home interior as a result of hurricane damage. It’s because impact windows have several glass layers along with a PVB layer inside them that will make shattering and invasion difficult. These windows not just protect your house from flying storm debris, but will also guard it against thieves.

       4- UV protection

Impact glass windows protect your property from UV (ultraviolet) light, which can cause damage to paint, artwork, fabrics, and photographs. Your valuable home interior will be protected from discoloration and fading after continuous exposure to UV light. This is particularly essential for the residents of South Florida as they experience direct sunlight throughout the year.

       5- Appearances

If you opt for hurricane shutters, you need to put them and takedown during the start and end of the hurricane season. Also, you have to sit in the darkness when the hurricane shutters are placed on windows. But that is not the case with impact glass windows as they look like normal windows and provide better protection against damaging and strong winds. Also, impact windows do not require any external covering and you will be able to enjoy the outside view.

       6- Noise reduction

Impact glass windows are capable of reducing the outside noise. So if you are living nearby a highway or a park, then you will not be distracted or disrupted due to outside noise. So why not install impact glass windows to have a peaceful environment?

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