Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

If you are planning to replace your traditional windows with impact glass windows, then it’s necessary to know what makes these windows so special. What characteristics have set these windows apart from ordinary glass windows? How you can be assured that you are buying the right impact glass windows for your house?

Generally, impact-resistant windows have two qualities that make them unique i.e. their top-quality glass and the reinforced framing. Due to their high durability, commercial glass services will see this option chosen often for businesses. Let’s have a look at each of these things to help you select the right windows for your home in Florida.

       1- Impact-resistant glass

Impact glass windows are typically manufactured with both laminated and tempered glass.

Tempered glass:

A tempered glass is treated with heat and when it cools down, its edges and surface become compressed. That compression helps make tempered glass nearly 5-10 times sturdy than ordinary glass.

Tempered glass has impact-resistant, storm-safe features not just due to its extra strength, but also it’s ability to break into tiny pieces rather than sharp edges. This decreases the possibility of injury from flying glass during a storm or during cleaning up the windows.

Laminated/PVB glass:

Binding together 2 or more glass panes with a thin vinyl layer typically makes laminated glass. The two glass panes that are in between namely PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). It is a shatterproof membrane that is specifically designed for catching broken glass. If in case a storm or wind-borne debris hits the PVB glass, its external pane may smash but this internal layer holds glass pieces together to avoid penetration of barrier. It means the glass can break, but your home will not be exposed to water and wind. On the other hand, traditional glass windows are made of ordinary float glass, which will smash into big, sharp pieces upon impact.

SGP Glass:

Some laminated glass windows entail SGP (Sentry Glass Plus). Its construction is similar to PVB as a thin membrane of SGP is enclosed between glass panes. However, SGP entails inner layers that are 5 times stiffer and stronger than the laminated material that is utilized in PVB construction. As a result, the window guards against the impact of debris and severe wind.

       2- Heavy-duty framing

Framing also plays a key role in making a window hurricane and storm -resistant. A frame helps in keeping the glass intact at its place. Wind, debris, and rain will enter the building if the glass gets out of its place. In extreme circumstances, the entire window framing may also be knocked out, allowing the debris and rain to come in.

The frames of impact-resistant windows are made with high-strength materials, such as vinyl or aluminum. Moreover, the impact glass goes through a specific silicone glazing procedure to prevent the breaking of glass from its frame. Also, its frame is thicker and usually has a depth of 2-3/4 inches along with a wall thickness of 0.062 that helps the window in withstanding high-speed winds.

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