Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

Are you interested in installing impact glass windows in your house? Here we are sharing with you some reasons to let you know about the advantages of installing impact glass windows. Home ownership provides great freedom, but it comes with a huge investment. Also, you have to fulfill some responsibilities to enjoy the benefits of house ownership. Homeowners should adopt steps for ensuring that their houses are well secured and maintained against both bad weather and crime.

If you desire to protect your house, then impact-resistant windows are a perfect choice. These windows can provide complete peace of mind to you and your entire family.

Let’s now discuss the reasons to install Impact glass windows in your home.

       1- Protection from hurricanes

Here in Florida, hurricanes and storms are quite common. But you don’t need to worry as impact glass windows can withstand storms and hurricanes as they are less prone to shatter and will protect you and your family members from shattered glass. It is particularly significant for families with kids and pets. Furthermore, your house will be shielded against branches or other things being flung through your windows by high-velocity winds. In this way, the objects in your house will be protected from being destroyed.

       2- Better security

Impact glass windows also provide better security. Most house robberies occur when a burglar enters through an unlatched window or door, or a window that can be easily opened. Impact glass windows are tough to break as they are made with various glass layers. Thus, thieves will hesitate entering your house.

       3- Decrease noise pollution

Most people need a calm environment to have a cozy sleep at night. Noises from outside such as car doors slamming, traffic, and dogs barking can definitely disturb you, both day and night. With impact glass windows, you can reduce the outside noise and stop them from entering your house. It’s because these windows have a polyvinyl membrane between its two glass sheets. Polyvinyl membrane is great to absorb noise and allows you to enjoy a comfortable sleep without distractions.

       4- Increase resale value of your home

Potential buyers prefer buying a house that has updated security and structural features. Things like foundation, roof like victorian conservatory, windows, doors, and electricity have a huge influence on a house safety. This is why impact-resistant windows can add great value to your house. Potential buyers will be happy to purchase a property that is protected by these windows.

       5- Reduce electricity costs

Residents in Florida enjoy both the winter and fall seasons. But between these seasons, they have to experience an extremely hot summer season. Air conditioning helps provide them relief from high temperatures, but it also raises the electricity costs. It would not be wrong to say that air conditioning can increase electricity bill by 3 times during the summer. You will be glad to know that impact-resistant windows can also overcome this issue. The multi-layer of these windows can significantly decrease the penetration of solar heat in your house. So, air conditioning will not have to work hard to cool the home.

If you are interested in installing impact glass windows in your house, contact us right now. Our experts will help you find the best windows.

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