Impact Glass Windows

Impact Glass Windows

Windows that are considered storm-proof or hurricane-resistant are made with impact-resistant glass that is treated with ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyvinyl butyral layer. This impact-resistant glass can also shatter upon hitting by strong-impact flying objects, but it will remain attached to the window frame and inner membrane. Upon break, the glass shatters in a smooth, spider-web pattern instead of shattering all through the surrounding. In this way, impact glass windows can keep you and your family safe even if a brutal hurricane hits your area. The price of genuine impact-resistant windows is expensive, but there are several reasons to install them in your home. Let’s have a look at some of these reasons.

Protection from storms and hurricanes

Here in Florida, hurricanes and storms are always the main concern. In fact, most of the cities in Florida are vulnerable to high-speed storms and hurricanes. So, if you are living in this region then you must install impact-resistant windows in your house. These windows are less prone to crack during severe weather conditions, such as storms and hurricanes. So, you don’t need to worry as these windows will provide protection against broken glass. Furthermore, these windows will also prohibit the entrance of branches and storm-borne debris during the high-speed winds. In this way, the items inside your house will be protected from damage.

Enhanced security

Impact glass windows cannot be broken easily because they are made with multiple glass layers.

With impact-resistant windows, you can have enhanced security. The majority of the home robberies occur when a burglar enters through an unlocked window or door, or an easy-to-break window. Impact glass windows cannot be broken easily because they are made with several glass layers. So, thieves will be discouraged to target your house.

No noise pollution

Are you living nearby a park or highway road? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you must be well aware of the disturbance from noise pollution. Traffic, children screaming, car doors slamming, and dogs bark all cause noise pollution. Their sounds can greatly affect your sleep at night. Even during the day, their sounds can be really disturbing. Luckily, impact-resistant windows can reduce the noise from the outside as they have a polyvinyl membrane sandwiched between two glass sheets. Polyvinyl can prove to be very useful at absorbing sounds. With impact glass windows, you don’t need to bother about noisy distractions.

Decrease cooling costs

The weather in Florida remains temperate, even during the winter and fall season. But here the summer season is quite hot and humid. Air conditioning can be a good solution during summers but it causes an increase in cooling costs. Your electricity bills will be three times higher when you use air conditioning. You will be glad to know that impact-resistant windows can reduce your cooling costs as its multi-layer construction significantly decreases the quantity of solar heat that enters your house. The more the solar heat penetrates your house, the more cooling will be required.

After knowing about the reasons to install impact glass windows, the next thing that may come in your mind is the place to purchase them. Oasis Shutters is a leading provider of impact glass windows and its products are renowned for high-quality material.

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