Impact Glass

Impact Glass

Living in the coastal area is serene and beautiful until the storm hits. If you are living nearby the water, then there always exists a challenge for your doors and windows due to severe coastal conditions. So, you need to ensure that your doors and windows can withstand storms. If we specifically talk about South Florida, then this US state is often hit by hurricanes and high winds. In 1992, a strong hurricane caused a damage of $26 billion and killed 65 individuals. That incident forced the city and state authorities to formulate new building codes for hurricane resistance.
Impact glass doors and windows can dramatically decrease the risk of damage to building inhabitants. These doors and windows also fulfill the requirements of state and local building codes. The best thing about impact windows and doors is that they are tested with both negative and positive pressures that happen during hurricanes. After testing, they are rated with a design pressure that is different from wind speed. For instance, the design pressure for a window speed of 170mph will be +49/-53 psf. This value mainly depends on opening locations in the building, height above the ground, and other factors.

Impact doors come in three forms i.e. single doors, double doors, and sidelites. This door is designed in a manner that laminated impact glass is placed in rows. A single door contains some rows or columns with different sizes of impact glass. The laminated glass is strong enough to withstand storms and winds. Two layers of laminated glass are used in the manufacturing of hurricane-resistant doors. An inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is used between these two layers of laminated glass, which is usually 0.09 inches (2.3mm). This inner layer is permanently incorporated between the laminated glass layers, which provide further protection.

The impact glass is custom engineered to withstand the strongest winds and hurricanes. This impact glass is tested at high wind pressures to ensure protection to building inhabitants. Furthermore, the impact glass can resist penetration which is caused by wind-born debris. It offers year around advantages such as safety, noise reduction, high energy conversation, burglary protection, and UV protection. It means you can have complete peace of mind even if you are outside home as burglars cannot break-in through your sturdy glass. UV rays are considered most harmful to skin and can cause several skin diseases. But with impact glass, you don’t need to worry about UV rays as they will be reflected and remain outside your property.

Impact glass doors come in various designs. Some popular designs of impact doors include Cosmopolitan, Colonial, Full View, Sorrento, Infinity, Verticale, Modena, and Contempo. It means property owners have a lot of choices to select the impact doors for their home or workplace. If you are an art lover, then Modena is the best door style for your property. All these styles of impact doors are easily available at Oasis Shutters. Their impact glass doors are specially designed for severe weather conditions.

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