Impact Windows

Impact Windows

Here in South Florida, hurricanes are quite common. So, you need to take some precautions beforehand to protect your home and belongings. No need to wait for the next hurricane to hit your home, just take some preventive measures. Here at Oasis Hurricane Shutters, we provide impact windows for storm and hurricane protection.
No doubt, there are many different products and brands when you look for impact windows. So, you need to be careful in choosing the right one to keep your property safe against the hurricane. Our experienced workers have complete knowledge to assist you to choose the right product and install impact windows to protect your property and family. First, our staff reviews your real estate and then suggest you the most suitable products.

What We Offer

We provide impact windows for the following:


Does your house require the installation of impact windows? Do you want to keep your valuable interiors protected during the hurricane season? Our team of skilled professionals will let you know about the services and products you require to keep your loved ones protected when the next hurricane hits. We never compromise over the quality of our products and we strive to provide excellent customer service. We are well aware of the fact that homeowners have spent a huge investment in their house. This is why we offer high-quality impact windows for residential properties to keep them protected against storms and hurricanes.


Our staff has worked with leading commercial builders. With more than 20 years of experience in working with commercial builders, we have acquired the resources and skills to provide exceptional hurricane protection. We remain flexible with respect to our commercial projects and work according to the needs of clients’ office, church, store, or other commercial property.


Now you can keep the high rises lovable, beautiful, and inviting year around. Our staff is well experienced in outfitting a variety of condos with impact windows across South Florida.

Look no further for your hurricane protection needs as Oasis Hurricane Shelters is here to help you. Whether you require impact windows installed in your newly constructed home or your aging commercial building, we can help you! With decades of working experience with homeowners, architects, developers, and builders, we provide the right solution for hurricane protection.

Oasis Hurricane Shelters aims to provide protection against hurricanes and storms to keep your property and valuable belongings safe. No matter whether there is a heavy storm or hurricane outside, you can have complete peace of mind if you have installed our impact windows. These windows are made with laminated glass that includes two glass bonded layers along with a sturdy clear interlayer. All these layers help prevent breakage due to a heavy storm or hurricane. Plus, they also provide insulation to keep your house cooler during the hot summer season. Laminated glass also reduces energy costs as it decreases the penetration of heat inside your home.

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