Impact Windows vs. Accordion Hurricane Shutters: Which One Is More Efficient?

Impact Windows vs. Accordion Hurricane Shutters: Which One Is More Efficient?

It’s not an easy decision for most South Floridians to choose between accordion hurricane shutters and impact-resistant windows. You need to think about elements like strength, durability, aesthetics, and cost when deciding what material is best for your project.

Today Oasis Hurricane Shutters will compare the advantages and drawbacks of accordion hurricane shutters & impact windows.

What is the Need for Window Protection in South Florida?

When you live in a high-risk storm area, safeguarding your house, family, and pets from severe winds and debris is the most crucial consideration. From June through November, South Florida is known for having the most hurricanes.

According to the state’s building code, for new construction in Florida, either hurricane-impact windows or external protection must be put over non-impact windows.

It’s important to know that your home and loved ones are safe in a hurricane and that you’ve taken every precaution to do so.

Many alternatives exist for hurricane protection, which is a significant industry. Let’s look at the most popular and see which one has the upper hand.

Accordion Shutters: Pros and Cons

One of the most common forms of hurricane shutters is the accordion-style shutter. Homes in South Florida almost universally opt for this low-cost storm protection measure.

When not in use, these storm shutters fold up like an accordion and are permanently attached. Accordion hurricane shutters are most commonly seen in metal or polycarbonate.

The Pros of Accordion Shutters


They are inexpensive and straightforward to install, making accordion shutters a popular choice among commercial and residential property owners alike.

Other hurricane shutter options include automated roll-down shutters, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters, storm panel hurricane shutters, etc.

It costs $15-20 per square foot to install accordion shutters in typical South Floridian homes.

Providing Consistent Safety:

Even though impact windows give superior storm protection, accordion shutters are still better than many other solutions like plywood boards or storm panels. Accordion shutters

Accordion Shutter’s Drawbacks

Accordion shutters have a few drawbacks, including:

  • Replacing windows with accordion shutters and non-impact resistant windows would be more expensive than purchasing and installing hurricane-proof windows and doors.
  • If old accordion shutters are not correctly fitted and maintained, they can become deadly debris in a hurricane.
  • Avoid using accordion shutters if you want your property to appear more appealing from the street.
  • There is minimal noise insulation from the outside.
  • You can’t see much during a storm with accordion shutters because they let in so little light.

Impact Windows: Pros and Cons

Impact-resistant windows are popular in the US because they help keep out damaging winds, flying debris, and intruders.

Products developed for impact protection include an inner layer of solid vinyl to absorb shock and prevent glass shattering. 

Pros of Impact Windows

Top-Notch Defense:

Hurricane safety requires impact windows. Your house is secured 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about closing or opening hurricane shutters.

Aside from hurricane protection, impact windows increase house security. They keep out invaders.

Energy Savings in the Home:

Hurricane impact windows block 99 percent of UV radiation, keeping your home comfortable as you enjoy the sun. This also saves you 20-50% on your utility expenditures.

Buffed Exterior:

Impact windows provide natural beauty to your home’s façade, increasing its market value. Modern designs and styles are available to increase the usefulness and attractiveness of your house.

Insurance Premium Savings:

Hurricane impact windows always provide the most satisfactory protection for your property, lowering your insurance costs.


Impact windows linger longer and pay off in the end.

Noise Reduction:

Impact windows don’t eliminate noise pollution, but they lower it by around 70%.

Con’s of Impact Windows

  • It’s a costly solution.

Final Verdict

Impact windows are the best long-term investment after considering the advantages of both.

While accordion shutters are a fantastic alternative for South Florida homes, they lack the benefits of impact windows. Even when professionally placed, severe winds can blow accordion shutters off, causing damage to your property.

Oasis Hurricane Shutters has several years of experience in hurricane shutters. Don’t waste your time. Reach us today.

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