Non Impact Glass Windows Vs. Impact Glass Windows

Non Impact Glass Windows Vs. Impact Glass Windows

As a person who lives in South Florida, you and your family should be aware that the possibility of being affected by storms is always present. Suppose you are not yet persuaded that utilizing impact glass windows for your house is the best option for you.

In that case, this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the benefits of using these windows and why hurricane impact windows are the superior choice to non-impact windows.

Impact Vs. Non-Impact Glass Windows: Basic Differences

Let’s see the basic difference between impact glass windows vs. non-impact glass windows, especially when you are considering having a Hurricane Shutter Repair or window replacement service:


Most Florida construction rules include hurricane-resistant windows to safeguard residents and their possessions. Windows that aren’t designed to withstand an impact, such as those found in most homes, fall short of meeting the necessary standards for safety.

In the event of a collision, the monolithic (non-impact) glass will shatter, enabling water and wind to enter your home and causing extensive damage during a storm.

Impact/Hurricane Windows, on the other hand, are made of laminated glass with two layers to withstand force. Even if something were to be thrown through the air and slam against your window due to severe winds, the frame and glass would be able to resist the impact.

Although the item may shatter the glass, it will remain stuck to an inner layer or membrane that will keep any fragments from entering your house.

Furthermore, the elements, such as wind and rain, will be kept out of your home. Keeping significant storm damage at bay.

Impact windows are Safer Than Non-Impact windows:

There’s much to consider if a storm is on its way to your neighborhood. Having issues with your windows is just another thing to stress about. In order to make your regular windows storm-ready, you may need a few hours.

Installing impact windows will alleviate some of your anxiety. You may put your energy towards making sure you and your family is safe rather than worrying about locking your windows.

Saving Energy:

Comparatively, the amount of light that may enter a home with impact windows is far more than that of shutters. It is not unusual for power to be abruptly turned off following a storm.

Your impact windows may be helpful now, letting you see outside while being safe within. More so, there’s no need to rush to remove the shutters following a storm.

Reducing Background Noise:

In addition to guarding against storms, the impact-resistant glass in your windows makes for a great noise barrier.

Bottom Line

In summary, impact-resistant/hurricane-proof windows are one of the best investments you can make in your home. It’s crucial to maintain these systems running year-round if you already possess them. This may be guaranteed by working with a specialized company for product maintenance and repairs.

At least once every six months, according to manufacturer recommendations, you should do preventative maintenance. Please visit Oasis Hurricane Shutters if you are interested in impact glass windows or any other repair service.

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