Polycarbonate Storm Panels: Is It Worth?

Polycarbonate Storm Panels: Is It Worth?

The hurricane season is underway. From June to November, coastal towns prepare for hurricanes that might hit anytime.

Destruction and disturbance of communities are possible. Many companies that close due to natural catastrophes never reopen due to extensive damage.

Storm panels can help businesses, homes, government buildings, and other structures in these locations.

They can safeguard goods and people within buildings, reducing the risk of major damage and safety hazards.

Polycarbonate storm panels are a kind of durable storm panels in this modern century. These panels are perfect for building modification.

If you’re planning to construct a storm panel in a hurricane-prone area or want to update your property before the next hurricane season, this blog might help.

Polycarbonate Storm Panels – What Are They?

Storm panels are a type of shutter or board used to cover the doors and windows of buildings in hurricane-prone areas. These panels serve as a barrier between the storms outside and the vulnerable glass or other holes within.

Polycarbonate isn’t the only material used to make storm shutters. However, since scientists realized how robust and impact-resistant it might be years ago, it has become an increasingly popular material.

Thermoplastic polycarbonate, usually known as PC, is a popular alternative name for this material. It is renowned for its durability and resistance to various impacts. 

This makes it almost indestructible in several applications because of its impact resistance, which may be up to 200 times greater than that of ordinary glass.

As a result, most polycarbonate sheets will not break or crack when struck. Even if a substantial amount of force damages them, they are unlikely to disintegrate into deadly fragments like glass. Therefore they can still give some level of protection.

There are even branded types of polycarbonate particularly engineered to be used as PC shutters in places that often experience hurricanes and heavy storms.

Corrugated polycarbonate is a popular material for creating PC shutters. This type of plastic sheet is comparable to other corrugated plastics.

A wavy piece of plastic connects the two parallel plastic panes in the middle of the design. Instead of cardboard, this product is built of durable, transparent, and impact-resistant plastic.

This material is frequently chosen for its multi-layered protection. It’s also compact and easy to use.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

Property owners used wood and other materials when storms were approaching to board up windows and doors. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is a sturdy, impact-resistant alternative. In certain cases, these items were effective.

In contrast to polycarbonate hurricane panels, these panels do not have the same impact resistance.

Large pieces of debris that contact them directly while moving at high speeds are likely to harm the panel and subsequently smash the glass in front of it.

Polycarbonate is also more practical than wood, which is less so. Plastic, on the other hand, provides excellent vision.

Polycarbonate is one of the finest materials now on the market for reducing the danger of catastrophic storm damage. When flying missiles hit it, it absorbs a lot of energy.

The panels are exceedingly unlikely to shatter or break when a high-speed impact occurs.

Polycarbonate is the recommended material for hurricane panels fitted over doors and windows in locations like Florida, where hurricanes are prevalent.

The material may even be tested to guarantee that it can resist high-speed impacts from massive projectiles. In other words, shoppers don’t have to worry about whether or not their purchases are protected.

Bottom Line

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