Potential Benefits of Storm Impact Glass Windows

Potential Benefits of Storm Impact Glass Windows

During hurricane season, even if your home is equipped to survive the storm, you may still feel anxiety. If you’re worried about wind damage, board up your windows and throw down sandbags. But getting a home window replacement that can withstand strong winds offers you even more peace of mind.

Large, wind-borne debris is kept out of dwellings using storm impact glass windows.

For houses in locations where hurricane season is just another part of summer or fall, these windows offer a cost-effective, long-term solution to damage.

Unlike storm shutters, impact glass windows let residents see outside, which function as a physical but light-blocking barrier. To be fully prepared for hurricane season in your region, you might even want to increase your protection by investing in both hurricane shutters and impact glass windows.

Before the next storm, keep these benefits in mind.

Who Demands Impact Resistant Windows Most?

If you’re worried about storm damage, consider installing impact-resistant windows.

There is a defined hurricane evacuation code for each section of the state of Florida. Storm surge, strong winds, and loose debris pose the greatest threat to those living in the first letters of the alphabet (A, B, C).

In addition, these individuals are the ones who stand to gain the most from the use of impact-resistant windows.

Impact-Resistant Glass’s Built Materials

They are intended to endure the pressures of hurricanes, including strong winds and missiles traveling at incredible speeds.

What are impact-resistant windows constructed from:

  • The double-paned glass that is shatter-resistant is used in this project.
  • There is a thin coating of glue that holds the panes together.
  • A sturdy frame. A strong frame.

Double-paned windows aren’t all designed to withstand impact. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requires windows to complete a series of tests to receive the official “impact resistant” certification.

Benefits of Storm Impact Glass Windows

  • Storm Protection

As a result of its capacity to withstand flying debris, impact windows offer the most satisfactory protection against the hurricane-force winds that endanger buildings every year in the Caribbean and the United States.

During a hurricane, windows and doors are the significant sources of household damage, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Which windows are better suited for hurricanes, impact, or conventional windows?

FEMA finds that standard windows and glass parts of doors in coastal areas are vulnerable to windborne debris. Window and door glass that has been damaged can allow wind, debris, and rain to enter the structure.

As a result of the increased pressure within the system, damaged windows and doors can also create long-term structural damage.

A storm impact window is designed to withstand the pressure of strong winds, debris, and heavy rainfall. There is a greater probability that your house will survive an attack if it is equipped with this technology.

  • Insurance discounts are available to you:

Hurricane-prone households are on the lookout for discounts and cost-effective renovations as insurance prices in coastal regions continue to increase. Ensuring your home with impact windows can save you money.

  • Homeowner’s Stress is reduced.

Anxiety over potential destruction is common among even the most well-prepared homeowners during a hurricane. It’s easy to understand why many homeowners are still struggling to pay for storm damage repairs last year.

For homeowners on a tight budget, a significant property upgrade—such as adding storm-resistant windows—can seem out of their grasp.

  • Soundproofing

Wind-resistant windows can also reduce noise pollution in your house. With laminated glass and an additional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer designed to trap debris, storm impact windows offer excellent soundproofing in addition to storm protection.

  • Enhance Energy Efficiency

In addition to having impact-resistant glass, storm impact windows with a window film or Heat Resistant Film also provide an insulating benefit to your home. If you have single-paned glass in your house and you use air cooling or heat, your HVAC system is likely working extra to keep your home comfortable. Your energy expenses might be reduced if you switch to impact-resistant windows, as they prevent air from escaping.

  • Convenient

Impact windows, unlike plywood or hurricane shutters, need only a single installation. You’re done after you’ve installed your storm windows.

So, even if you’re not home during the storm and cannot put up additional barriers, your home still has a good defense against the elements, thanks to your storm windows.

Bottom Line

Up to 99 percent of UV rays may be blocked by impact-resistant windows, which safeguard your home’s interior from damage. Even your children’s artwork will be preserved for many years to come.

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