Pros & Cons of Roll-Up Storm Panels

Pros & Cons of Roll-Up Storm Panels

Those searching for storm shutters for their Southwest Florida homes have likely come to the same conclusion: the selection is practically limitless.

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed while attempting to find the best storm shutters. If there is a storm, you have access to a wide choice of shutters to pick from.

In addition, the appropriate storm shutters may differ from one person to another, depending on their preferences and need.

However, in Southwest Florida cities like Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and others, roll-up storm shutters are a common alternative for storm protection.

To help you decide if rolling storm shutters are suitable for your house or company, Oasis Hurricane Shutters will look at the benefits and drawbacks of this type of protection. 

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Roll-up storm shutters are a superior type of impact-resistant shutter that may be installed permanently. They achieve this by rolling up and down to open and close (vertically).

You can do the manual route or go the automated way. Hurricane shutters that roll up automatically are driven by an electric motor, while those that roll up manually are either actuated by a hand crank or a strap system.

Roll-up hurricane shutters can be purchased with either impact-resistant aluminum or impact-resistant polycarbonate inserts. Moreover, both of these materials are transparent.

Watch this short film to get an idea of how our shutters seem on a variety of properties, both when they are open and when they are closed.


Quick and easy to deploy:

This shutter gives convenience. Most people can open and close them quickly. 

Automatic or manual operation is available for rolling shutters. Furthermore, you may flip a switch or use the Tahoma system’s mobile app to automatically lower the electric roller shutters. Manual versions can be opened and closed using a crank or rope.

Roll-down shutters can be motorized or non-powered. Both solutions are more accessible and more convenient than others.

High Level of Functionality:

Hurricane shutters offer more than storm and security protection. They save energy and manage light, UV, and noise.

You can regulate how the slats open. What’s the point? This means they can adjust light, UV, and privacy. You may close the slats partially for shade or entirely for confidentiality. Controlling shutters saves electricity and reduces noise.

They don’t change your home’s look:

They permanently fastened storm shutters roll up. They’re visible on your property like any permanently affixed shutters. Their elegant design won’t affect your property’s look when not deployed. 

When not in use, they tuck above doors and windows. This reduces the aesthetic impact of permanent shutters on your property.


Storm panels or hurricane fabric panels aren’t permanent.This shutter is challenging to clean. This applies to any horizontal-slatted treatment. 

When cleaning thoroughly, clean individual slats using a cleaner instead of pressure washing or hosing. This is normal for this sort of shutter.

Bottom Line

If you need to install a durable storm shutter in your home before the hurricane season, contact Oasis Hurricane Shutters.

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