Impact Doors

Protect Your Home With An Elegant Solution

Due to its strong bonding, impact glass doors are extremely difficult to break providing you with unparalleled home protection. Impact resistant Doors present a challenge to thieves and burglars trying to enter your home. This option is probably one of the best ones available in the market because it helps to protect your valuables while increasing the value of your home. Impact glass doors come in different color tints that can decrease visibility from the outside providing you with more privacy.

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The Benefits Of Impact Glass Doors

Impact Doors are very similar to regular doors; however, they differ tremendously in the benefit they provide. Not only do they add a beautiful and elegant look to your home, but they are also extremely durable thanks to a combination of durable frames and special silicone glazing process helps keep the glass from breaking away from the frame. Laminated glass is composed of two pieces of glass bonded together with a strong clear interlayer. Once sealed, the glass becomes a single unit and is transparent, like ordinary glass but tougher. The glass unit is very helpful in reducing energy costs because it reduces the amount of heat that penetrates your home during those hot South Florida days. The interlayer acts as insulation which in the long run helps to reduce your electric bill. Impact Glass Doors also help to reduce insurance costs because insurance companies by statute (FL. S. 629.0629) must provide homeowner insurance discounts if their homes are protected against windstorms, effectively. The home is supposed to be a safe haven. It is the place where you and your family deserve to feel safe. Contact Us today! We offer competitive prices of our Impact Glass Doors to our customers with or without installation.

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