Storm Panels

The Efficient Solution To Hurricane Protection

South Florida has very unpredictable weather changes which is why it is essential to be prepared for inclement weather. Taking the time to board up your home when a hurricane is approaching and evacuation is imminent is not wise. That is why is important to be protected beforehand.


What Can We Do For You?

To minimize damage to your home during a hurricane your windows and doors should be protected. Storm Panels are a very economical—they are the least expensive type of approved storm protection—and the installation is simple. They are available in custom sizes to fit any of the windows and doors openings in your home. Our Storm Panels meet all codes requirements, they are very durable, easily store when not in use, and are reliable.


Another benefit is that they help reduce insurance costs, because in accordance with Florida Statute 629.0629, the insurance carriers must provide residential owner with discounts when they have effectively protected their properties against storms.

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