Storm Panels

Storm Panels

Buying a house needs a big sum of money, so you must take good care of your property in the future so making money and investing your money the right way is important, and you could use resources like bitcoin decode just for this purpose. Living in Florida lets you enjoy the beauty of beaches. But it also has some drawbacks such as bad weather conditions, including storms, hurricanes, heavy rain, etc. During the hurricane season, a home nearby a coast is prone to high-speed winds of up to 150 miles per hour. In such a situation, tree branches and debris can become dangerous when entered forcefully through windows at that speed. But nothing to worry as storm panels can protect your property and residents from storms and hurricanes.

Key benefits of installing storm panels

Storm panels have become quite famous in Florida because of their benefits against bad weather conditions. Nowadays, you can find storm panels in galvanized steel, aluminum, and clear lexan plastic. Each of these types offers an additional barricade of protection. Let’s have a look at the main benefits of installing storm panels in your house.

       1- Increase protection against storms and hurricanes

One of the key advantages of installing storm panels is enhanced protection against hurricanes and storms. Property owners get the storm panels installed on their windows’ exterior to stop or slow airborne projectiles. In this way, your home interior and residents can remain protected from the negative consequences of high-speed winds.

       2- Inexpensive safeguard 

Storm panels are comparatively low in price as compared to other ways of protection against storms and hurricanes for your house. It means you don’t need to spend a lot of money on purchasing storm panels.

       3- Detachable and storable

Unlike other storm protection ways that are permanently installed on the windows, storm panels are detachable and storable. It means storm panels are installed right before the start of hurricane season and then removed easily once the season ends. Simply remove the storm panels and then store them in a safe place like your storeroom or garage. Nine to ten storm panels can easily be piled together and just take up an inch of floor area. Transparent lexan plastic storm panels have gained fame because they offer safety while maintaining transparency. Many homeowners select lexan storm panels and keep them up during the hurricane season for their protection against extreme weather.

       4- Available in several styles

It can be difficult to find matching exterior window coverings for your property’s aesthetic. But that is not the case with storm panels as they are available in several styles at Oasis Hurricane Shutters. Customers can get them in steel, white or clear plastic, and aluminum matching almost every house.

       5- Improve energy efficiency

The majority of the storm panels work as insulators, preventing warm heat from entering and trapping the cold air conditioning in. As a result, your energy bills will be reduced.

       6- Increase security

A storm panel provides an extra layer between the home interior and the outside world. A burglar will avoid entering a house that has an additional layer of protection in the form of a storm panel. So, there will be improved security.

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