Storm panels

Storm panels

People who live around the beaches or in a place that has tropical weather conditions know that storms can hit any time. And the tendency of storms rises in the summer season. People that are living on the coastline try to protect their houses from storm with different things such as impact glass windows, extra shields on windows and doors. Although hurricane impact glass windows are becoming really popular, hurricane shutters still remain the most economical option for most people. The most popular and affordable option from hurricane shutters is storm panels. Here we will be discussing this particular product that has long been used by people and still holds the weight to be considered in storm season.

What are Storm Panels?

Storm panels refer to solid, removable installations that are put up on the windows when a severe storm is about to hit. These are removable so, once the storm has passed, you can remove the storm panels and store them until the next storm hits your area.

Benefits of Storm Panels 

These window storm panels have numerous benefits and here we are going to tell you.

        1. Eliminate glass breakage: Glass breakage is one of the most common damages of storms but installing storm panels outside the glass will allow the wind pressure to divide. Thus, pressure will be less, and your glass windows will be safe during the storm.

        2. Protect the structural envelope: Sometimes storms are too harsh that your whole structural envelope of window or door is endangered. Installing storm panels will lower the pressure and eventually your window glass will be protected.

        3. Prevent injury: A broken glass or a broken vase can cause you injury when it is flying and hits a floor. That’s why it is recommended to keep the decoration pieces away from windows and doors so that no one has to suffer an injury.

        4. Increase the value of your home: Having storm panels in your home can increases the value of a home when you are trying to sell it.

How to Choose the Right Storm Panels?

When it comes to choosing the right storm panel, you must contact a local company in your area such as Oasis Hurricane Shutters. They have several options for you to choose from. They have been guiding people about what is best for them according to the structure of people’s home and budget. They offer both plywood and aluminum panels that are easy to install and can be removed safely. These will protect your glass windows and doors when severe storms threaten the area.

What Are the Common Materials for Storm Panels?

Most of the time, people struggle to find the material that is safe for storm panels as they are manufactured in different materials.

  • Galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is the most common and the best option for storm panels. It is affordable but also heavy. It requires help for installation and will take longer as compared to others.
  • Clear polycarbonate. They are lightweight storm panels and easy to install. But they are expensive.


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