Storm Panels

Storm Panels

You need to take extra care when you are living in a region where storms and hurricanes are likely to hit. No doubt, impact doors, and windows are getting popular day by day but storm panels can provide the most economical solution against storm protection. You don’t need to worry about the budget when you opt for storm panels as they are quite affordable.
Storm panels are durable solids that can be placed during the hurricanes season. Once the hurricane season is passed, you can easily remove these panels. The best thing about storm panels is that they are easy to install and remove so you don’t need the services of an expert as you can easily do it yourself. There is no need to install new storm panels each year as you can easily store them till the next hurricane season.

Benefits of using storm panels

There are several benefits of using storm panels. Here we are going to share some of these benefits.

  • Storm panels protect against high winds, storms, and hurricanes. These panels are placed over the exterior of windows as they can stop or slow airborne projectiles.
  • Storm panels are quite reasonable in price and they provide low-cost protection against hurricanes. You don’t need a huge amount to invest in storm panels as they are sold at affordable rates.
  • Upon the end of hurricane season, you can remove the panels and store them in your storage area or garage. You can stack together 9 to 10 panels and they will occupy minimum space.
  • They eliminate the chances of glass breakage and also protect the structure of windows.
  • Storm panels prevent injury as they don’t let the storm come in.
  • These panels help increase your home value.

Selecting the right storm panels

If you are living in South Florida, then you may find hundreds of storm panels’ providers. Here you need to be alert in making the selection. We suggest you buy storm panels from a reputed and experienced company such as Oasis Shutters. This company has been working in this industry since past many years so they are well aware of the needs of Florida residents. Their storm panels can best protect your susceptible windows when severe hurricanes or storms threaten the area.

Common types of storm panels

At Oasis Shutters, we offer different types of storm panels that are made with sturdy materials. All of these panels fulfill the building codes of Florida State. The storm panels made with galvanized steel are most resilient as well as the most economical option. But these are heavy as compared to other panels and they will also require more storage space when not in use.
The corrugated design panels are a bit lighter and provide better durability and strength. Clear polycarbonate storm panels are light in weight and easy to install. They do not block the natural light from coming inside the home and also allows you to view outside. But these are a bit expensive as compared to other panels.

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