Storm Panels

Storm Panels

No doubt, impact windows have gained much popularity, but storm panels are still the most cost-effective option for hurricane and storm protection. Living in an area where storms and hurricanes often hit makes it necessary to take some precautions. If you have a limited budget, then a storm panel is the right choice for you.

Storm panels are solid installations that are put up when a high wind storm is rolling through. The best thing about the storm panel is that it can easily be removed when the troublesome situation has passed. These panels can easily be stored for the next storm hazard. There are several benefits of installing storm panels whenever a danger of storm is roaming around. Some of the key benefits of storm panels are listed below.

  • Eliminate the risk of glass breakage
  • Prevent injury
  • Safeguard the structural envelope
  • Help raise the value of property
  • Help residential and commercial building owners to prepare for dangerous storms

Choose the right company for storm panels

When it comes to protecting your home or workplace, you need to take some extra care. A home or office in Florida requires additional care as this state is often hit by high-speed storms and hurricanes. When it comes to storm or hurricane protection products, you have many options to choose from. But you need to take the right decision, depending on your need and available budget. As already stated, storm panels can help protect your property against storms but you need to be careful when choosing the company for storm panels.

No doubt, you can find hundreds of such companies in Florida, but all of them do not offer quality products. If you want to buy high-quality and durable storm panels, then Oasis Shutters is the perfect company for you. Oasis Shutter has been offering storm protection products since past many years. Their storm panels are made with high-quality material, and hence, will last for a longer time. These sturdy storm panels will guard your vulnerable doors and windows when hurricanes or severe storms threaten the area. Oasis Shutters aim to provide the best storm protection products in South Florida along with outstanding customer service. Each of their products is durable and reliable. As far as the price of storm panels is concerned, it is quite affordable. You don’t need to worry about their quality as all products have gone through rigorous testing. The Miami-Dade Code standard is also taken into consideration when manufacturing storm panels.

Why choose storm panels?

Storm panel is the most economical option when we talk about storm protection. They can withstand debris of tropical storms, winds, and rain. These panels also guard the delicate glass against breakage and prevent shattering of glass pieces throughout your workplace or home. In this way, the residents of the home or the workers will not incur any injury. Furthermore, the value of your property will also increase. Each storm panel is custom made as per the size of your windows and doors, so it provides maximum security against storms and winds. Want to learn more about storm panels? Call at 305-558-5000 to get an expert opinion.

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