Storm Panels

Storm Panels

Storm panels are the coverings that are placed in front of the windows to protect against high-speed winds and storms. Unlike the impact-resistant windows, storm panels can be removed and stored for later use. So, whenever there is a prediction of a storm, all you need to do is to place the storm panels in front of your windows. And then simply remove the panels when a storm has passed away. Storm panels are typically made with aluminum, plastic, or steel and are designed to resist mild impact, avoiding glass breakage during a storm.

The residential and commercial property owners in Florida need some storm protection for their windows. Many of these owners still need a second protection layer even if their windows entail impact-resistant glass. Here in this article, we have listed down a few reasons to opt for storm panels. Let’s have a look.

 Inexpensive installment

Unlike the impact-resistant windows, storm panels don’t require a huge investment. These panels are less costly and can best protect your property against hurricanes and storms. The materials used to make storm panels are not as complex as to make the impact-resistant glass, and don’t need extra functionality such as motorized storm shutters, decreasing the cost.


There is good news for all those people who don’t like covers in front of their windows is that storm panels are removable and you can easily take them off when they are not in use.

Variety of styles

The best thing about storm panels is that they are available in various styles. So, it doesn’t matter whether your home has a conventional or modern design, you can always have matching storm panels. Here at Oasis Shutters, you can find storm panels in a variety of styles and you can choose any of them.

Reduces energy bills

Most of the storm panels work as insulators, keeping the cool air conditioning inside the home and preventing warm heat from coming inside. In this way, there will be a decrease in your energy bills.

Enhances your home security

Storm panels cover your windows and thus provides a second layer to your windows. Intruders will avoid entering your home when you have an extra covering on your windows. In this way, there will be least the possibility of break-ins.

What to look for when buying storm panels?

It is important to consider two things when looking for a storm panel. First, make sure the storm panels comply with local building codes. It is important to have hurricane-safe window coverings if you are living in Florida. The storm panels available at Oasis Shutters are up to the building codes. Plus, these panels are also tested and are considered safe for your property.

Secondly, do a little research before making any buying decision. You can search online and look for customers’ reviews. You can also ask your neighbors that which storm panels they are using for storm protection. Don’t hesitate to ask others when you want to buy storm panels as they are something that must be durable and long-lasting.

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