Storm Panels

Storm Panels

Storms can cause a lot of damage to your property if protective measures are not taken. No doubt, you can protect your property from storms in many ways. However, the most common option is storm panels. Installation of storm panels is not just easy, but also cost-effective. These storm covers will definitely benefit your business or home if you are living in South Florida. Unlike other options for hurricane or storm protection, storm panels are detachable pieces. These are made with solid aluminum or steel and are hanged in front of the windows when a storm breezes in. Once the storm has passed, simply remove and store them at a safe place.

Benefits of installing storm panels

Storm panels are designed to resist mild impact storms, eliminating glass breaking as a result of storm damage. Florida business and homeowners require some sort of storm protection for their windows. Most of the Floridian property owners have installed hurricane-resistant glass windows, but still, they need a second protection layer for assurance. And the majority of them opt for storm panels as a second layer on their windows. Let’s see why property owners prefer installing storm panels over their windows during the hurricane or storm season.

1. Removable panels

The best thing about storm panels is that these are removable and you can easily remove them yourself. Those who don’t like any extra covers on their windows can take benefit from storm panels. They just need to cover their windows with storm panels when a storm is about to hit their locality. Once the storm is passed, remove the storm panels and store them until needed.

2. Inexpensive

Unlike other storm protection options, storm panels provide a cheap way to protect your property in Florida. These panels are not made with complex materials like impact glass and thus don’t need extra functionality such as motorized storm shutters, which ultimately decreases the cost.

3. Available in various styles

It’s difficult to find external window covers that match your business or home’s aesthetic. But that’s not the case with storm panels as these are available in various styles, such as aluminum, white or clear plastic, and steel, matching almost all homes.

4. Enhance your security

Storm panels provide an extra layer over your windows and thus protect your interior from the outside world. Burglars will avoid entering your home if you have placed storm panels over your windows.

5. Improve energy-efficiency

Storm panels work as insulators, keeping the cool air conditioning inside and avoiding the entry of warm heat from outside. In this way, storm panels help improve energy-efficiency.

When you are looking for storm panels, make sure to consider the following things:

• Storms panels must be made as per local business codes.
• Storm panels have been tested and considered secure for your region.
• Compare different brands of storm panels to choose the most affordable and durable panels for your property.

Here at Oasis Hurricane Shutters, you can get long-lasting storm panels at an affordable price. We offer a variety of storm panels. Call us at 305-558-5000 to learn more about our products.

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