Storm Panels

Storm Panels

If you are a resident of South Florida, then you must be aware of the fact that this region is often hit by high-speed storms and hurricanes during the hurricane season. Here the storms are strong enough to break the glass of doors and windows, which ultimately cause damage to residents and belongings. So, why not take some preventive measures to avoid any negative consequences? It’s important that you protect your family and interior from destructive storms. The best way to guard your family and belongings is by installing storm panels.

Now, you must be thinking why storm panels are necessary and why you should prefer them over other forms of storm protection? Well, there are several reasons or we can say the benefits of installing storm panels. One of their key benefits is the ease to install or remove the storm panels. Simply install them before the start of hurricane season and then quickly remove them when they are no longer required. These solid coverings are placed in front of the windows to protect against storms. Normally, storm panels are constructed with aluminum, white/clear plastic, or steel that can bear mild impact, avoiding glass breakage when hit by a storm.

The benefits of selecting storm panels

You can’t leave your windows uncovered if you are living in South Florida. It’s highly advisable to cover your windows with storm panels for protection against high-speed storms and winds. Here are a few reasons to install storm panels.

  • Inexpensive choice: In comparison to other storm protection options, storm panels are an inexpensive choice to guard your property against storms. The material used to make storm panels is also less costly that’s why they are sold at an affordable price.
  • Flexible in style: Unlike other storm protection coverings, storm panels are available in various styles. It means you can choose storm panels according to your business or home’s aesthetic. There is no need to rely on traditional old-fashioned window coverings when you have the liberty to choose matching storm panels.
  • Can be removed easily: You don’t need to worry about the removal of storm panels as they are removal coverings. Its good news for all those people who don’t like permanent coverings on their windows all year long. Once the hurricane season is passed, simply remove the storm panels and store them at a safe location until needed.
  • Enhance your security: Storm panels provide an extra layer between your interior and the outside world. In this way, burglars will avoid entering your home as first they have to break the storm panels before breaking the glass window.
  • Improves energyefficiency: Most of the storm panels work as insulators, prohibiting the entrance of warm heat from outside and retaining the cool air conditioning inside. In this way, energy efficiency is improved that results in decreasing the energy bills.

Here at Oasis Hurricane Shutters, you can get high-quality storm panels that are made according to the local building code. You can get these storm panels at most affordable prices to protect your interior and family from deadly storms.

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