Storm Panels

Storm Panels

The storm panels are the cost-effective solution for protection against the ravaging storms and hurricanes in Florida. As the state is subjected to violent storms during the season, the storm panels are extremely important for protection and safety. These are installed to block the force of strong winds so that the interior of your home is not destroyed.
The harsh weather conditions in Florida make it difficult for people to safeguard their property. The stormy winds along with the debris fly towards the homes and commercial establishments and cause a lot of damage to the belongings. The wind-borne debris can easily break the glass of your windows and doors and enter the homes, thereby damaging all the valuables. This would greatly increase repair costs every year.

The homes and commercial establishments can only be secure when impact-resistant materials are used. The most economical option for protecting the property is the storm panels.
The storm panels are a removable structure that can be put up when there is a storm in the area. You can immediately and easily remove them as soon as the storm is gone and you are out of danger. The storm panels offer complete value and protection to your property. They are highly durable and can be easily set up whenever needed.
There are various kinds of storm panels to choose from. They are either made of aluminium, steel or polycarbonate materials. The galvanized steel is affordable among all the types and is very resilient. These panels are strong and durable but at the same time, they are heavy and need help while installation.

The polycarbonate storm panels are very lightweight and easy to install once mounted. It is an expensive option but the panels are strong and allow natural light to enter your home. You can easily set them up during the storm and take down when they are not needed.

Benefits of Installing Storm Panels

The storm panels offer several advantages over other options.

  • One of the most important benefits of storm panels is that they keep your property safe during hurricanes and other natural disasters. The storm panels protect the glass windows and doors, blocking the stormy winds to enter the homes.
  • The storm panels also increase the resale value of your property. In future when you want to sell your property, the potential buyers will recognize the investment you have made and care you have taken in maintaining the property. The storm panels in a home will attract the buyers.
  • The storm panels provide additional security from burglars. As the panels protect the glass windows and doors, the break-ins from unwanted intruders would not be possible.
  • After installing storm panels, you will easily get discounts on home insurance premiums.

The storm panels are the most economical option for protecting your homes and offices from devastating storms and hurricanes. They are easy to install and offer maximum protection to your valuables at home. They are also highly durable and can easily withstand rain, stormy winds and debris. They can be customized according to the structure of your property and thus can be installed even in older properties.

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