The Best Impact Windows & Doors

The Best Impact Windows & Doors

The weather phenomenon in Florida can wreak havoc on the homes and offices when you have not installed the right windows and doors. We have seen multiple times how stormy winds enter the homes through windows and doors after shattering the glass. The homeowners’ possessions, belongings and furniture get sucked through doors and windows and are scattered all over the place post-storm. So, the choice of doors and windows are important if you want to safeguard your property from tornadoes and hurricanes. You must install the best impact windows and doors from a professional and preserve your family safety during natural disasters.

It is joyful to live by the ocean. You can walk on the beach every day and enjoy the cool breezes and sunshine. But Florida is hit by hurricanes and storms frequently that cause damages to lives and property. When the storms hit the region, the first thing that the winds breach in the building envelope is the windows and doors.

When normal windows and doors are installed at your home, they will not be able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions and high-velocity winds in a way impact windows and doors will.

When winds get inside your home during thunderstorms and hurricanes, the roof and walls won’t survive, thus damaging the entire structure of your home. Within minutes, the pressure that builds up with the entrance of the winds, all the elements will get separated, devastating your home and belongings. The best impact doors and windows will save you from disaster and preserve family safety.

The impact windows and doors become a necessity because many times only the winds will not shatter the windows, but the objects that get picked up by the winds and thrown through the windows. The wind-borne debris is the main reason for broken windows and doors.

If you don’t want to see a damaged property after the hurricane and thunderstorm, choose strong, durable and the best impact windows and doors for your home. These windows and doors undergo a series of tests by the professionals to make sure that they don’t compromise the integrity and safety of a home during hurricanes and storms.

The windows and doors are qualified as impact products when they meet hurricane codes from the International or Florida Building Code. The impact windows and doors are designed to block the flying debris from entering into the homes during a storm, protecting the home from damages.

Apart from safeguarding you and your possessions from the storms, impact windows and doors have many other benefits. The laminated glass that is used in the impact windows and doors protects you from unwanted intruders. They have financial benefits as the property insurance costs will be lowered when they are installed. They also block UV rays, eliminating any damage to the home furnishings. The resale value of your home is also better as the house envelope remains intact. They also lower the energy costs as less energy is needed to either cool or warm the home depending on the weather conditions. Install the best impact windows and doors from the professionals and increase the safety of your home and commercial properties.

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