The Risks of Leaving Your Hurricane Shutters On All Year Long

The Risks of Leaving Your Hurricane Shutters On All Year Long

The shutters of hurricanes will protect from wind, rain, and flying debris your home. With the occasionally unexpected hurricane circumstances in Florida, most Florida people say that they cannot go during storm seasons without them!

Hurricane shutters are available in a number of ways due to their necessity: from the elegant, permanently installed Bahama shutters for high-level windows to the robust Accordion shutters for retractable protection. And don’t forget the cost-efficient storm panels and roll-down heavy-duty shutters for bigger apertures.

Too frequently, however, individuals put up or use their shutters early to prevent the inconvenience of regular use or other claimed safety concerns. But it may be risky and costly to keep your hurricane shutters busy when a severe storm does not happen.

Here are four main reasons why your hurricane shutters and displays may cover your windows throughout the year.

  • Used hurricane shutters interfere with fire rescue efforts and can lead to more extensive fire devastation:

You block your windows and hold your home firmly sealed while your shutters are up. Recall that storm shutters are intended to stand the winds of hurricane forces. If they can prevent more than 100 mph of winds and flying debris from entering your house, firefighters can also avoid spraying points from entering and blocking to extinguish the light.

In Florida, firefighters could not enter the holiday houses due to the deployment of hurricane shutters outside of the stormy season. For years, the fire rescue authority has emphasized that window coverings such as hurricane shutters should be used only when storms threaten, such as immediately after a hurricane.

  • They could invite burglars if permanently deployed:

Many producers of storm solutions exploit the different safety aspects of hurricane shutters to boost their product advertising. While it is true that these heavy-duty window covers make breaking through your windows impossible for burglars, there is a significant reason why you may keep storm shutters on fire.

If you keep your shutters hurricane engaged throughout the year, they can draw burglars rather than prevent them so that they feel no one is at home. They could think that you are a snowbird out of the city and try to burst through its doors if they know there is no storm on the horizon.

If you leave your shutters in operation, it limits your outlook from the outside world, restricting your capacity to engage in suspicious behavior.

  • The hurricane shutters always open have lesser durability:

Although particular shutters such as the Bahamas should be used as permanent installations over a window, they generally are utilized exclusively on high-level windows and manufactured from more rigid, weatherproof materials.

Other shutters, such as roll-down shutters or Accordion shutters, plant and hide in protective houses, protecting them from Mother Nature if they don’t.

Whereas they are built to resist storm strength and wind during a storm, many are not meant to survive long-term sunshine and weather conditions month after month. You can reduce their total lifespan by keeping them continually deployed over your windows.

  • Keep your shutters open throughout the year involves more expenditure:

Since most storm shutters have not withstood Florida’s severe sunshine for extended periods, excessive temperatures, and corrosive saline conditions, it will inevitably entail extra effort on your part all year long.

To avoid the grim accumulation, you need to clean them more often. And while you may assume you don’t have to clean the windows behind them while you’re left them open, that is not the case! Excess moisture from the shutter to the glass might lead subsequently to significant issues.

When you have metal shutters, long-lasting exposure to the outside may lead to roost or corrosion, while plastics can break via severe harm to the sun. Your best chance is to utilize the shutters you need for a severe storm!

Bottom Line

When utilized appropriately, hurricane shutters are one of the cleverest investments you can make for the safety of your family. However, only when a real threat of a hurricane hits your region should you use your hurricane shutters.

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