Things to Consider Before Deploying Storm Panels

Things to Consider Before Deploying Storm Panels

Storm panels are a low-cost solution to protect your home from storms, hurricanes, and most susceptible areas from flying debris. The essential thing to remember as a storm approaches is not to panic.

Stay vigilant and prepared to keep your family and house safe this hurricane season by becoming more comfortable deploying your storm panels.

So you’ve purchased panels to safeguard your property; now, you need to know how to use them? Anyone can install corrugated metal storm shutters or panels if they know what they’re doing and have all the essential tools.

Oasis Hurricane Shutters are experts in installing storm panels for many years. They have basic idea on how to deploy storm panels at home & what factors to consider before install storm panels. We will give you some essential tips. Stay with Oasis Hurricane Shutters Company.

Things to Consider Before Deploying  Storm Panels at Your Home: Tips & Tricks

You should keep shutter panels in a dry place, label them, so you know which ones belong with which windows and doors, and keep screws and nuts in a plastic bag.

Ensure that the bolts can be tightened up and ready to go with screwdrivers or drills and constantly consider the neighbor.

Some other important pointers of storm panels setup are provided below:

Try to handle the process professionally:

Buying storm panels and having them properly fitted is only the beginning. According to Thomas Johnston, president of the International Hurricane Protection Association, “You need to handle the storm panel installation in a professional manner.”

Hurricane and windstorm protection panels installation depends on good planning, practice, and willingness.

Important things to remember before the next massive storm:

The first rule of safety is that shutter slats are harmful. The majority is composed of metal and has jagged edges. Wear thick gloves, closed-toe shoes, and long pants to protect your skin from the metal. Never carry multiple panels at a single time.

However, one may slide out, and fall & may injure themselves. So be careful!

Read The Instruction Before Installing:

Panels might differ from one supplier company to another. Sometimes one flange (the one with the screw or wingnut holes) is broader then the other. If you move left to the right, the narrower flange is on the left. Some panels will be marked with an arrow or the phrase “Up.”

Please try to ensure all of them go the same way. Read all instructions with the panels carefully. Contact the manufacturer or dealer if you don’t understand properly.

Many shutters have 12-inch designs for screw holes, but you may occasionally discover six inches apart to overlap them at the end of the shutter if they are better for your opening.

 Lubricate All Hardware Properly

All panels should overlap when properly fitted. Using wax or a similar substance from your local hardware shop, lubricate every piece of hardware.

Make Enough Time to Complete the Job Correctly:

Every homeowner should perform a dry run every year or two, ideally by placing shutter panels on each window and door opening to ensure that you know how long the process will take and that you have the necessary accessories (bolts, screws, drill bits). Several things usually occur. Anchors that are not properly greased and maintained might get frozen.

Please Don’t Panic:

Stress impairs common sense. Johnston says he’s lost count of the number of tales he’s heard about homeowners with two-story homes but no ladder to access second-floor windows. Purchase a ladder now, or arrange for a neighbor or acquaintance to lend you one when you need it. Avoid improvising (such as standing on tables or stacking chairs).

Final Words

Get an expert from the hurricane shutters company. You can help each other installing storm panels at home, and it will take less time to finish the work.

You can accomplish it more quickly by taking suggestions from Youtube or other online portals too. Don’t forget to read this blog before installing your hurricane panels.

See Oasis Hurricane Shutters for additional information on shutters and security recommendations.

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